Monday, April 14, 2008

#61 - Spend more time outside & #97 - dog park (9/33)

#61 - I think I've hit this nail on the head.  With all the walks at the dog park, yard work, hot tub time, running, sand volleyball, softball, RR Express games and various other activities I've been outside quite a bit!  I even have the tank-top lines (eerrrr burn marks) to prove it.  Mission accomplished!  That doesn't mean I'll stop either.  I love the outdoors.  Next up, a camping trip (hopefully soon)!

#97 - Sunday was perfect weather!  Mid 70's with a slight breeze.  I took the dogs out to Emma Long again for their much anticipated dog walk.  Plus with all the recent rain the creek was full so Guinness and Sarah squeezed in some water time as well.  Guinness is like a giant water rat when he's swimming, it's so funny!

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