Wednesday, April 23, 2008

#18 - Have a house warming party

Wow, what a busy week/end!  I spent all of last week cleaning, doing laundry, touch-up painting, lawn maintenance, bathed the dogs, etc....all to prepare my house for my friend Karen's arrival and my housewarming party.  I've known Karen since college, she's one of my best friends and I was so excited to see her (last time I saw her was a year ago).    I picked Karen up from the airport Friday morning around 9am and we headed back to the house to drop off her stuff.  From there we went out to lunch at Chuy's (a must when you come to TX) where we started the afternoon off right and had several margaritas.  Then we did a couple trips to HEB and the liquor store to get last min supplies for the Housewarming party that evening.  Thankfully I took care of all the cleaning and stuff ahead of time, all we had to do was stage the table with the food and do one more quick sweep of the floors.  We even had time to take a nap.  Around 6pm we headed to Rudy's for dinner, Karen had never been there before and you have to eat BBQ when you come to TX!  We ordered the awesome moist brisket and proceeded to indulge ourselves...the way we were ooohhhing and aaahhhing over the food you would have thought we were eating chocolate.    We arrived back at the house by 7pm and had everything ready to go in plenty of time.  The party was a great success!  I think around 30+ people showed up and the party went until 5am!  Heck we even jumped in the hot tub around 2am and stuffed it to capacity (it holds 6 max and there was at least 8 of us in the tub).  It was awesome and everyone had a great time.  Needless to say Karen and I didn't do much the next day...we pretty much slept the entire day away, only emerging around 6:30pm to see a movie.  We crashed around 10pm that night.  We were going to try and go out dancing, but our bodies just shut down on us.  We still had a great time and I was sad to see Karen leave Sunday morning.  But she'll be back for my 30th b-day in October!  I can't wait!  What a great weekend. 
Christina and Karen   

#14 - Meet my new neighbors (IP).  I met another neighbor at my housewarming party.  I had distributed some invitations around the neighborhood.  Figured what better way to meet more people!

#97 - Take dogs to the dog park (10/33).  I actually loaded the dogs in the car with me when I took Karen to the airport Sunday morning.  That way we could head straight to the dog park after dropping her off for her flight.  It was another nice day out, slightly cooler than the day before, but still a great day for a walk.  Boy do I spoil these dogs!

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