Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Date night with TXRD

We had a pretty busy Saturday this past weekend.  First we had maternity pictures, followed by lunch at Home Slice Pizza, then later in the evening I took Malek to his first roller derby!  The doors opened at 6pm and the bout started at 7pm.  We figured when we arrived at 6:15pm we had plenty of time to find seats....uh NO!  All the seats were filled!!!  We ended up standing for the first half until we found some seats at half time.  Despite the seating issue we had a great time.  I think Malek really enjoyed the bouts and scuffles.  Heck, even Boba Fett was there!  We'd go again, but this time we'd bring cash and make sure to get there before the doors open.  FYI, the bout lasts until at least 10pm. 

the cheer team

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