Tuesday, January 26, 2010

#28 - changing Tri to Boot Camp

I never thought I would do a boot camp...but lo and behold planning a  wedding and walking down the aisle motivated me try to tone my body.  Renee actually set this up with a fitness instructor that she knows, got us a great deal too!  Both Malek and I joined and we started in Dec (with a brief break for the holidays) and it will go til the end of Feb.  Not sure if I'll really lose any weight, but hoping to tighten and tone. 

Yay me!

I just don't think a Tri is going to happen for me this year...especially not with our wedding in March...and I still need a bike (#27)!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Spring Cleaning!

We've done a lot of cleaning around the house the past couple of weeks.  Trying to get it ready in time for the wedding and all.  :-P  We've reorganized our closet, taken tons of stuff to storage, reorganized the garage, took down the bookcase and packed up the books, the kids washed all the windows and cleaned the hot tub cover, rearranged the kitchen and formal dining, cleaned the baseboards, threw out old magazines, donated clothes to Good Will....and there's still more to do!  We have yet to reorg the pantry and laundry room, put away the desktops and clean off all the kitchen counters.  I'm tired just typing all this stuff out!

#65 - We did enjoy dinner downtown at Roaring Fork Friday evening for Dana's birthday.  Neither of us had been there before.  The cornbread and green chili mac and cheese was amazing!  The filet mignon was just OK.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Chicken Pot Pie was a slam dunk!

#15 - Cook home meal(s)  (80/143)

Last night I made chicken pot pie.  It was my 1st time making this dish, which is strange since my mom used to make it for us all the time as kids.  How could I have not made this sooner???  The dish was very easy to make, I think it took 40 mins total with minimal effort.  The wonderful aroma wafted through the house as it baked and by the time the dish hit the table, it was gone within minutes!  The kids had 3 helpings each, even beating me to it (I'm usually the 1st person to get seconds)!  There was nothing left over, it was amazing.  :-D  Now I have two dishes that I know the kids will dive into, swiss enchiladas and chicken pot pie.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Softball highlights

I had an AWESOME softball game Tuesday night!  Hit my very first HOME RUN!  Then hit a TRIPLE! Also snagged a great catch at 2nd and almost had a double play!  woohoo!  It's only managed to take me 2 years to achieve a home run.  :-)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Tackled the closet!

#41 - Clean out closets and donate clothes to charity (3/3).

This weekend Malek and I reorganized the closet.  I wasn't particularly too thrilled with this task, but when I walked in the room and saw all his belongs on the bed I figured might as well join in.  Malek tried to convince me he was packing and moving out, but I held 'the ring' hostage.  :-P

I must say the closet looks 100 times better!  There's more room to move around, and we managed to rid ourselves of 2 huge bags of clothing.  I think Malek threw out more items than me, which means there's more room in the closet for my stuff right?!?!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!

2009 was a great year!  Went camping with the kids, experienced Carnaval Brasileiro, job change, my cousin Amy got married, Alaskan cruise with Karen, saw Wicked with the girls, Malek's first Clown Crawl, Malek's sister got married, my brother got engaged and Malek proposed to me in San Antonio!  Not to mention our awesome Halloween Spook-tacular, boot camp, our 1st Christmas cards and going to watch MSU play in the Alamo Bowl! 

Now onto an even better year, hello 2010!  The first 3 months are going to be crazy.  I must say 2010 is the year of the Freunds!  My brother moved his wedding up to Feb 27th, my friend Tammy's wedding is Feb 28th and our wedding is Mar 27th!  We are in the final planning stages of our wedding and I must say everything is going smoothly.  :-)  I still have yet to think of New Year's resolutions.  Usually I give up a favorite food or something...but I think this year maybe I should just try to survive!  Relax, be calm and just go with it.  :-D

Happy New Year everyone!
Ready for the toast!

Holiday workouts!

#44 - workout

Yup, that's right!  Malek and I managed to still fit our workouts in throughout the holidays.  We had boot camp Tues and Thurs the week of Christmas (though Malek didn't go since he was sick) and ran twice outside.  Malek even played basketball one day. 

We might not have hit 3x's a week, but I think getting in some workouts over xmas was pretty darn good!

Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone had a wonderful, relaxing and warm holiday!  :-D

Be prepared, below is pretty much a summary of our 2 weeks off for the holidays...and it's very long!

My parents came into town to visit for Christmas and New Years.  Their very first day here we took them to one of our volleyball matches and then to Spring Hill Cafe for the best chicken fried steak in Pf. The next day we were involved in many home projects, gift wrapping and cookie making.  That evening we decided my parents need to experience our fetish for Pluckers, so we took them there for dinner.  They were amazed with all the wing flavor choices and I think they now understand why we visit there so often.   Tuesday we drove up to Copperas Cove to visit my dad's mom, Omi and Opa.  It was a fairly quick trip since we needed to get back for the MSU vs. UT basketball game (#100)!  MSU played a great game, even taking the lead at halftime, however MSU did succumb the last 10 mins of the game. We all had a great time, especially the kids.
The men all in UT apparel. 12/22/09   The women sporting MSU 12/22/09
Mom and Dad, MSU vs UT game 12/22/09   Malek and I, MSU vs UT game 12/22/09
Aunt Deanie arrived on Wednesday.  Her flight was delayed two hours and it took us two trips to the airport to retrieve her.  As soon as we had her, we had to feed her Chick-fila (good stuff!).  That evening we stayed in, relaxed and dined on pizza.  Next thing we knew, it was Christmas Eve!  Most of the day was spent cooking and preparing Christmas dinner, even made more Christmas cookies, murbchen (my fav!).  And wouldn't you know it, it snowed that day!  Of course it didn't stick, but it was snowing, what a treat!  We ate a late lunch at Chuy's and then everyone changed for Christmas Eve church service.  We even took some nice family pictures in front of the tree.  The weather was crazy cold and windy out so we were very happy when we arrived back home and could warm ourselves up again with some spiked nog and a spread of amazing cheeses.  Then we each opened two gifts and it was off to bed.
Making candy cane cookies 12/21/09   Chuys 12/24/09
Malek family 12/24/09   Maleks and Freunds 12/24/09

Christmas morning the adults were all up before the kids!  How could that be?  We actually had to wake the kids up.  Then it was a flurry of ribbons, wrapping paper and bows as everyone opened their gifts.  I must say it was a plentiful Christmas, everyone made out like bandits!  Then is was off to Jonathan's dad's house for Christmas dinner and gifts with the Maleks.  Saturday morning we made our traditional eggs Benedict before we had to take the kids back to their mom.  This was a new experience for Malek and the kids, but they loved it!  Not sure what we did the rest of the day, but for dinner we made hot burger steaks (#15 - 77/143).  The next day it was time for Deanie to fly back home.  We dropped her off at the airport, said our goodbyes and headed home.  For dinner that night I made chicken and dumplings (#15 - 78/143).  I love this meal but wow was it gross touching an entire raw chicken...ewwwwww!  Monday we headed back up to Copperas Cove to visit with Omi, Aunt Karola and my cousin Heather.  That same day my mom and I found Emma her dress for the wedding, the perfect tie for Evan and ordered my bridesmaid dress for my brother's wedding.  Malek even found Evan a suit.  It was a good day.
playing games 12/25/09   Bobbie, Evan and Emma 12/25/09
It's not that cold out! 12/25/09   Judy, Karl, Deanie 12/25/09

Tuesday was horrible rainy weather and Malek's birthday!  Happy Birthday baby!!!  We were able to sleep in and then my mom and I ran more wedding errands while Malek went to play basketball.  That evening we took Malek to Tree House Grill for his birthday with his family.  Man we love that place!  Wednesday my parents went to SA for the day to visit friends while we went to Pluckers again with Malek's brother and sister.  Later that day we took down the Christmas tree and all the decor inside.  Sniff sniff, it always makes me sad to take down the tree.  I love the soft glow of the lights and the twinkling of the ornaments, the stockings hung on the mantel....just gives me the warm fuzzies. 

Malek with the kids on his bday 12/29/09   Jonathan, Evan and Bobbie at Tree House Grill 12/29/09
IMG_3849   Happy Bday Malek! 12/29/09

NYE was upon us!  These 2 weeks are just flying by!  That day we re-arranged the house a bit and pulled my favorite kitchen table out of storage.  For lunch we took my parents to Trudy's.  They had never been there before, and they loved it!  The stuffed avocado is amazing.  Then Malek and I headed off to a couple NYE parties.  We made it home just before midnight though so that we could celebrate with my parents.  I think we ended up drinking 3 bottles of champange...and boy were we all feeling it!  Happy New Year!

NYE 12/31/09   Malek and the kids NYE 12/31/09

Mom, Dad, Tina and Malek Happy New Year 1/1/2010

Jan 1st was my parents last day with us.  Mom helped me stuff wedding invitations and then we had Al (Malek's dad) over for home-made schnitzel!  Mom out did herself on the schnitzel, it was amazing!  I made the mashed potatoes and helped some with the schnitzel (#15 - 79/143), we even had black-eyed peas for good luck.  Mom and Dad left early the next morning.  I was very sad to see them go, I even think Sarah was distraught that her pack was separating.  A couple hours later Malek and I went for a run and then it was off to SA for the Alamo Bowl, MSU vs Texas Tech!!!!  I hadn't been to see an MSU football game since college, so I was thrilled!  We had a wonderful day in SA.  Arrived a few hours early, hit a couple bars, and watched all but the last 4 mins of the game.  MSU again held their own and was even ahead in the 4th quarter, however we again succumbed during the last 5 mins of the game.  I was proud of my Spartans!  We finally made it back home sometime after 1:30 in the morning.

Malek and I, Alamo dome 1/2/10   That's my team out there! Go MSU! 1/2/10

Sunday was our last day before we had to head back to work.  We joined Malek's family back over at Al's house for some Iranian cuisine and then later that night had a volleyball game.  What a wonderful 2 week holiday.  :-)