Friday, January 15, 2010

Chicken Pot Pie was a slam dunk!

#15 - Cook home meal(s)  (80/143)

Last night I made chicken pot pie.  It was my 1st time making this dish, which is strange since my mom used to make it for us all the time as kids.  How could I have not made this sooner???  The dish was very easy to make, I think it took 40 mins total with minimal effort.  The wonderful aroma wafted through the house as it baked and by the time the dish hit the table, it was gone within minutes!  The kids had 3 helpings each, even beating me to it (I'm usually the 1st person to get seconds)!  There was nothing left over, it was amazing.  :-D  Now I have two dishes that I know the kids will dive into, swiss enchiladas and chicken pot pie.

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