Tuesday, January 26, 2010

#28 - changing Tri to Boot Camp

I never thought I would do a boot camp...but lo and behold planning a  wedding and walking down the aisle motivated me try to tone my body.  Renee actually set this up with a fitness instructor that she knows, got us a great deal too!  Both Malek and I joined and we started in Dec (with a brief break for the holidays) and it will go til the end of Feb.  Not sure if I'll really lose any weight, but hoping to tighten and tone. 

Yay me!

I just don't think a Tri is going to happen for me this year...especially not with our wedding in March...and I still need a bike (#27)!

1 comment:

  1. Tri season goes all the way to October! You totally would have time this year! :) and I'd offer for you to use mine but my frame would be way too small for ya.