Monday, November 9, 2009

Salute to Sausage

Saturday was the 49th annual Wurstfest celebration!  There were quite a few of us out there this year enjoying the food and beer.  :-)  Good times!  This time we even rode the ferris wheel!

Food eaten:  wurstkabob, potato pancakes w/ apple sauce, blooming onion (ate considerably less food than last year)
Beer consumed:  4 pitchers (I think....)

Tammy, Karen, Tina Wurstfest 11/7/09     food!  Wurstfest 11/7/09
Kelly and Christina Wurstfest 11/7/09     Tina, Tam, Chris Wurstfest 11/7/09
Monica and Kyle Wurstfest 11/7/09     sausage! Wurstfest 11/7/09

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