Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wonderful Weekend Wedding!

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend!  Ours was crazy busy.  :-)

Friday I took a half day PBA to get ready for the weekend events.  Hair cut at 10:30am, pedi at noon, then it was home to change for the rehearsal dinner.  Malek took  the kids to the rehearsal at 3pm and then I joined them at Stephen F Austin bar around 5:15pm.  After relaxing with some drinks on the terrace we headed over to Louie's 106 for the rehearsal dinner.  The food was awesome!  After the wedding party opened their gifts we headed back to Stephen F Austin bar to mix and mingle with family and friends.

Jonathan and Christina 8/4/09      Lots of Maleks and a Freund

Saturday was the first UT tailgate of the year!  Woohoo!  Everyone invited to the wedding was invited to the tailgate, Sara and Dana also reserved a block of seats at the game for those that wanted to attend.  We tailgated for about 8 hours, had some wonderful fish tacos and played tailgate golf.  Everyone left for the game around 5:45pm while we stayed at the tailgate to watch the first quarter before heading home.  All that time out in the sun just wiped us out!  I actually ran 3 miles when I got home (that nice cold front really helped!) while Malek fell asleep on the couch.  I think we were in bed by 10pm or so.  Evan and Emma actually went to the game and made it through the whole thing!  Evan came home and Emma went with the bridal party for a sleepover at the hotel w/ the Bride.

Malek and Ziggy tailgating 8/5/09      Evan, Dana, Malek, Nat 8/5/09      UT girls - Christina, Emma and Sara 8/5/09

Sunday morning Malek and I took advantage of the cooler temps and went for a run (it was 73 degrees!), then Malek mowed the lawn while I weeded the flower beds.  After breakfast, Malek took Evan to the hotel to get ready with the groom and groomsmen.  I headed on over to the RR outlet malls to see what deals they had.  I scored another cool dress from WHBM and some shirts from BR.  Malek bought new ties for the wedding.  After a couple hours of shopping we came home, ate lunch, I took an hour nap, and then we started getting ready for the wedding.  We arrived at Laguna Gloria about 5:30pm to make sure the kids were all set.  The ceremony was beautiful, albeit a bit warmer than we would have liked.  After the ceremony we had about 45 mins to mingle, drink and eat appetizers while the wedding party took more pictures.  Then we moved onto dinner.  The food was great, it was served family style on one very long table.  We had fried pickles, mini burgers, pecan crusted chicken nuggets, spinach goat cheese salad, roasted veggies, fish tacos, sweet potato fries and regular fries all with an assortment of sauces.  Next came the cake cutting ceremony and dancing!  Everyone had a great time, the night ended around 11pm when we cheered on the newlyweds as they left on trolley's to head downtown for more partying.  We didn't go downtown, it was way too late by that point and the kids needed to hit the sack.

The newlyweds 9/6/09      Jonathan and Christina at Laguna Gloria 9/6/09     101_1190

Monday was brunch at the newlyweds house.  Can't go wrong with Torchy Tacos, yummy!  After the brunch we came home to rest for a bit then headed out to a labor day BBQ at a friends house.  We called it a day around 5pm and finally came home to rest, upload pics, order pizza and watch TV.  :-D


What a wonderful weekend!  Congratulations Mr & Mrs Barney!

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