Thursday, September 17, 2009

I do!

I'm engaged!  :-D

This past weekend Malek and I went to San Antonio for a mini vacation.  When he first broached the subject of this trip to me, I immediately thought "this would be perfect for an engagement!"....then immediately squashed that idea since he had mentioned a month before that he wanted to wait till after the make sure we survived.  pfft!  :-P  Ok this getaway was not going to be the 'moment', however, my mind couldn't shake the idea completely and 5% thought MAYBE!!!!

Saturday morning we ran the Keep Austin Weird 5K, in the pouring rain no less.  Actually the rain helped keep me cool and made it a more enjoyable race.  Malek ran an awesome pace, I still have a lot of room for improvement.  After the race we rushed back home to pack and headed out to SA.  Malek booked a room at the Hilton Palacio del Rio which was right on the river walk, even had a private balcony!!  Once we were checked in we headed down to the riverwalk and had a few drinks.  For dinner we decided to eat at Aldo's, one of our favorite places to dine at in Austin is Tree House Grill and Aldo's is very similar (though nicer).  After a few more drinks in our hotel room we took off for our destination.  Anyone who's been to SA knows that the highway system is less than desirable (a complicated mess!) and very difficult to navigate...after 20 mins of misdirection we finally found the restaurant.  As we're walking up to the entrance Malek grabs my hand and turns me around.  He's already down on one knee and holding a ring!  OMG OMG OMG!  "Christina, I love you, will you marry me?"  Promptly my cute little coach clutch decides to throw up its contents as I start crying and say "of course!".  Mwah, kiss, SWAK!  I put on the ring and I'm just blown away by its beauty.  Malek did good!  :-D

Dinner lasted 3 hours and was all talk of how he found the ring, how long he'd been planning this day (6 weeks apparently), etc.  So many people knew!  I can't believe they were all able to keep quiet.  Malek even asked my dad for permission!  I was so excited I couldn't even eat (yes, I know, me not be able to eat?).  We had a wonderful evening celebrating our engagement.

Sunday we had breakfast on the river walk and passed on the news to family and friends.  Then we walked to El Mercado and explored all the shops.  I bought Malek a ring since he'd been wanting a silver one....that seems fair right?  hahahaha  We enjoyed lunch at La Margarita and ate some puffy tacos to appease my brother.  Our walk back to the hotel tired us out so I took a nice nap while Malek watched some football.  Afterwards we went on a sunset river boat tour, this was a first for Malek.  It rained on us for a brief 10 mins during the tour, luckily our boat captain hid us under a bridge before continuing so we didn't get soaked.  All in all a great tour.  We spent the rest of the evening walking up and down the river walk, checked out the Liquid Monkey bar, ate at Waxy O'Connor's Irish pub, purchased some chocolates to indulge in later and then crashed.

Monday we had breakfast again on the river walk, I enjoyed my favorite eggs Benedict and the weather was perfect.  We checked out of our hotel and explored the shops at La Villita.  The copper store was my favorite, they had beautiful vases and a really cool table that I soooo wanted.  Later we headed over to brackenridge park, which was right by the Zoo!, and visited the Japanese tea garden

Couldn't have asked for a more wonderful romantic weekend!  The weather was awesome, the food was delicious and the engagement was perfect.

Yay!  We're engaged! 9/12/09   Engagement dinner at Aldos, SA 9/12/09

El Mercado 9/13/09   See the ring!

The Happy Couple 9/13/09   IMG_2902

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