Thursday, September 10, 2009

The low down on my remaining 101

Not sure what I was thinking with some of these items….45 out of 101 left.

6. Plant trees in back yard (Crape myrtles) – Still really want to do this…perhaps in March with Malek’s help :-)
9. Buy Christmas lights for the house - Have to get this done this year before time runs out!
15. Cook at least one home meal(s) a week [i.e. eat out less] (66/143) - I think I’m doing well with this one.
16. Actually use my bathtub and soak in a warm bath at least once a quarter. (1/11) - Major failure, just takes forever to fill up the tub with water…not that patient
22. Go downhill snow skiing - no clue if this will happen
23. Go camping at least once a year (1/3) - Keep trying to plan a time to go but the end of this year is already packed, probably have to wait till March/April time frame again.
24. Run a 5 miler - Maybe the Cedar Perk 5K in Oct….big maybe… I have run 10K’s before which is over 5 miles so technically I’ve done the mileage.
27. Buy a new bike - Sigh, maybe next year? Maybe I’ll get lots of $$ for xmas to buy one. :-P
28. Compete in a Triathlon - Another big SIGH…maybe next year
31. Go snowboarding for the first time - no clue if this will happen
32. Ride in a hot air balloon - no clue if this will happen
35. Hit golf balls at a driving range (practice practice practice) - At least I did a Scramble this year…
38. Move all my pictures from Webshots to a better online digital service website (snapfish?). - Eh, haven’t found one I like…so sticking with Webshots.
39. Print off a photo book of my online pictures. Use Webshots or blurb or picaboo?? - Yah yah yah, need to get on this one as well, I did print off about 50 pics though to put in a photo book that Renee is making for me.  :-D
40. Read more than just fiction novels/books (IP) – I decided as long as I’m reading that’s good enough. Currently on the TrueBlood series and need to read Eclipse which I just bought.
41. Clean out closets and donate clothes to charity at least once a year (IP, 2/3) - So far so good!
42. Actually use the teeth whitening kit I got 3 yrs ago – FAILURE. Still haven’t touched it, need to get on it!
44. Work out at least 3x's a week [IP] (holidays and vacations permitting) – Doing well with this one! Started running outside instead of inside as well.
45. Keep weight under (private) lbs (IP) – All I have to say is “pfft”
46. Learn to change a tire and basic car maintenance – Can I rely on “I’m a girl” and some guy will help me?
49. Go to a winery in TX or do a wine tour – This is planned for Nov for Amanda’s bday!
50. Take a girls trip – This will also be taken care of in Nov for Amanda’s bday!
52. Take a road trip – no clue if this will happen
53. Stay at a B&B in Fredericksburg – Still would really like to do this, just not sure it will happen in the 1001 day time limit. Malek and I are going to San Antonio for a mini getaway vacation this weekend though!
54. Go to the beach – We’d like to go, a friend of ours has a huge house on the beach in Port A….all about timing though, perhaps next summer.
56. Drive a motorcycle (I've ridden on them, never driven one) – no clue if this will happen
57. Do more things with my hair besides a ponytail – Occasionally I do that faux hawk look…straight or curly still seems to be about it though.
59. Floss more (IP) – Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t
63. Attend Oktoberfest in TX – Not sure I’ll make it this year yet again (conflicts)…but we plan on going to Wurstfest again!
65. Eat out somewhere new (a nice restaurant like Jazz, Truluck's, etc) [IP] (Boiling Pot 4/28/08, Truluck's 2/16/09, NoRTH 6/8/09, Louie's 106 9/4/09) – On a roll with this one, guess I could cross it off since I didn’t designate how MANY new places I had to eat at. I just like listing them. :-P
69. Take a sewing machine class – Doubt this will happen
70. Buy a sewing machine – Doubt this will happen
73. Make time for another professional massage – Oohhh, so gotta book this!  Who wants to go with me?
75. Achieve the next level at work – Again “pfft”, doesn’t seem conducive in this environment
81. Donate blood at least 3x’s a year (6/9) – Rocking this one!
82. Go on a picnic – I think this will only happen if Malek and I make it to #84
84. Swim in Barton Spring Pool – Still really want to do this, just gotta find the time!
85. Ascend all 99 steps to the top of Mt. Bonnell –  For some reason I feel like I’ve done this already….probably before I put this list together.  Like to do it again though.
86. Play Frisbee golf again – Fail, Maybe I should check out Old Settlers, I know they have one and it’s right behind my house!
88. Go horseback riding again (haven’t been in over 6 yrs) – Doubt this will happen
90. Have a beignet from Crescent City Beignets – Just like #85, I’ve actually had a beignet from CCB before, someone brought a box of them to an outdoor play we went too like 6 yrs ago. Still want to go again which is why I’m leaving it on the list.
93. Attend a sing a long at the Alamo– no clue if this will happen
98. Watch some movies off the AFI Greatest Movies list – Ha! Failure
99. Send out Christmas cards at least once during this time period – Plan on doing them this xmas!
100. [PRIVATE] – I don’t even remember what this was supposed to be….when something not on this list happens guess I’ll use it then. ;-)

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  1. it takes too long to fill the bathtub?!?! That is so lame! But good job on the others. ;-)