Thursday, April 30, 2009


Exercise:  I'm still working out 2-3 x's a week, just no running.  Mostly elliptical and the occasional weight/cardio class on Monday.

Sports:  Unfortunately my Thurs night VB league will not be playing this summer, there wasn't enough teams.  However, it is nice to have my Thursdays back for a while.  I still have my VB games on Sunday evenings.  Softball starts back up in about 2 weeks.

House/Projects:  Still slowly taking things to storage and arranging the house/garage.  Laid some new sod down in the backyard where it was balding.  :-P 

Upcoming big events:  At the end of May I'll be flying to Ohio for my cousin Amy's wedding.  In July I'll be on my Alaskan cruise with Karen!

#15 Cooking:  I have totally failed at this for quite some time now.  However now with Malek and the kids around, there will be more home cooked meals.  :-)

#16 Soak in my bathtub:  This is a failure as well....and I can't even get into it at the moment because all the clothes I'm donating to Goodwill are piled up in the tub.   Which leads to #41.  I haven't dropped anything off to goodwill yet because more clothes are added to the pile weekly.

#28 Triathlon:  This was put on hold as well.  I thought about competing in the Pflugerville Tri on 6/21, but since pulling my hip abductor running, I decided to take it easy.  Plus I still need to buy a bike #27. 

I'm hoping this summer to cross a few more things of my 101 list...the past few months I really haven't tackled anything on the list.  And the last few things listed above are on hold.  Maybe I'll get in a trip to a Fredericksburg  B&B and a wine tour!   I can't believe tomorrow is the first day of May!  How time flies.

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