Monday, April 13, 2009

Busy weekend

This Easter weekend was exhausting!  Friday-Sunday involved moving furniture, painting, cleaning, staging, church, nap, and yet more tidying up.  I need a vacation!

Friday - Moved my office out of the guestroom and into the formal front room.  Set up computers and arranged front room.
Saturday- Thanks to Katie, Brent, James and Malek we painted the 2 guestrooms and guest bathroom in no time Saturday morning.  I couldn't have done it without you guys!  XOXOXOXO.  :-)  We even had time to hang some pictures.  Then we headed over to Malek's where the guys finished up the last of the sprinkler system while Katie and I staged his house.  Malek and I were supposed to have a date night that night, but we were all so exhausted that we just stayed in.  Katie & James came over and we grilled brats and watched a DVD.  I think we were in bed by 11pm.
Sunday - 127_white_bunny_rabbit  HAPPY EASTER!  We went to church with Katie & James, Hutto Baptist Church off 79.  Afterwards we grabbed some lunch.  Then it was off to our respective houses.  Malek had more cleaning to do at his place.  I ended up taking a brief nap before cleaning my house.  Then I went over to Malek's to conduct a walk-through/inspection.  By the time everything was done it was 7pm.  Where did the day go!  We ended the night with some wine and feta cheese. 

There's still some odds and edds of things to finish...but overall everything looks great!

I'll post pics once everything is complete.

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