Monday, March 23, 2009

#23 - Go camping at least once a year (1/3)

I finally was able to go camping again (I wasn't able to make it out at all last year)!  This past weekend was perfect; awesome weather and beautiful a camp site at Pace Bend next to Lake Travis.  It only took about 1 min to walk down to the water.  We went during spring break so Malekbrought the kids and I brought Sarah.  She loved it!  She even went for a dip and fetched a couple sticks from the water.  Some friends came and joined us Friday night as well as Malek's mom.  We were all exhausted after 3 days and I'm glad we came back Saturday evening (we went out there Thurs afternoon).  It took Sarah another day to recover, she pretty much slept all day Sat and Sun.

Malek and Ziggy 3/19/09

Emma chasing Sarah 3/20/08

Emma, Christina, Evan by the camp fire 3/20/08

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