Tuesday, January 27, 2009

#96 & #97 - Take Sarah on a run/dog park.

#97 - Take Sarah to the dog park at least once a month (weather permitting) (16/33).
So lately I've been taking Sarah on walks around the neighborhood.  Emma Long Park is just too far away.  My dad spoiled Sarah by walking her 2x a day when they were here over xmas.  So I try to walk her now 4x's a week when I get home from work.  I found a nice field in the neighborhood where she can fetch her ball and run around without a leash.   I'll count each week as 1 trip to the dog park.

#96 - Take Sarah on a run with me.  What a mess.  I tried running with her in the neighborhood but she would constantly stop to sniff here and go to the bathroom there....It was stop and go and drove me nuts.  I had to finally just walk with her because I felt like my arm was going to jerk out of socket trying to keep her running.  I did find out though that if Itake her off the lease and run that she will eventually catch up and stay with me....but still occasionally stops then runs like mad to find me again.  Can't really do that next to a street with cars or other dogs and children around.  I don't want to take the chance of something happening to her.  The area behind my house might work though.

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