Monday, January 19, 2009

#40 - Read more than just fiction novels/books (IP)

Just finished reading 'New Moon', the sequel to 'Twilight' (Yes, this is fiction).  I enjoyed the sequel much more than the first book, overall it was just more interesting and entertaining. 

Next I plan on reading 'The Worst Hard Time' by Timothy Egan.  This book is about the dirty 30's, the time when dust bowls claimed the land.  It is America's worst prolonged environmental disaster.  My mothers side is from Amarillo and my Great Aunt can remember walking to school with a face mask on because of the dirt in the air (and her experience was after the worst of it was over).  It all happened because farmers plowed the prairie lands/grasslands...which was never meant for farming in Amarillo, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Colorado.  Then the wind took that loose soil and blew it all away, as far away as New York!  Drought, high temperatures, plagues, dust-related diseases, black blizzards ten thousand feet high and the worst day of all, "Black Sunday" could people survive this?

What's the next worst hard time?  Global warming has not slowed down.  Think of the polar bears, drowning because the ice is melting and they have no where to go.

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