Tuesday, December 2, 2008

#15 - Cook home meal(s) [i.e. eat out less] (36/143)

Thanksgiving is a great time to cook and spend quality time with family.  I actually enjoyed two Thanksgiving dinners this year.  The first one was in Ohio with my relatives; Jonathan flew home with me for this one, and I made the sweet potatoes (it's my thing).  The second dinner was back in MI with my immediate family.  Over severl days of cooking I made the pumpkin spice tiramisu, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, cranberry crab cream cheese puffs and helped with the pork stuffing.  Whew!  Lots and lots of baking.  It was all worth it because the food was excellent!

Malek and the kids picked me up from the airport after my trip and we headed to the grocery store.  We bought ingredients to make broccoli cheese soup from scratch and mini cheesecakes topped with cherries.

So I think that counts for at least 3 meals.  :-)

Turkey Day in OH 11/23/2008.  Matthews, Seitz's, Freund's

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