Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend fun!

Friday:  My friend Brent celebrated his XXth birthday!  -D  We had dinner at Chuy's followed by drinking games and dancing at Water Tank Too.  I haven't played quarters in years!

Saturday:  Tax free weekend!  Malek and I headed over to the Domain for some shopping.  I finally used my gift card from my b-day last year to buy my 7 of all Mankind jeans!    I'm so excited!  I also had a gift card to Banana Republic and bought a new pair of dress slacks and a shirt.  I think we arrived back at my house around 5pm and invited Stinson over for some burgers.  That's right, #15 (25/145)- grilled home made burgers!  It was such a nice evening that we dined outside on the back porch.  Then it was off to a friend/co-workers football party where we watched some of the Dallas game, Olympics (go Phelps!) and competed in the annual arm chair throwing contest.  I actually took 1st place for the girls and won a bottle of Crown Royal.  *** Does it really matter that only 2 girls signed up, and about 10 guys??? ***

Sunday:  #97 (14/33) - Sarah was in desperate need of a trip to Emma Long Dog Park.  We haven't been out there since Guinness passed away.  It was a nice hike, though a little muggy, and Sarah actually went swimming all on her own!  No coaxing.  For lunch it was Smokey Moe's BBQ (love the chopbaker!) followed by a 2 hour nap.  Later on in the afternoon Malek and I played cards for a couple hours and then headed to our volleyball game, for which we had our first win!  Go team!  Afterwards I caught up on all my Big Brother shows. 

What a great weekend!

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