Thursday, August 28, 2008

Productive Weekend

I accomplished quite a bit around the house this well as had some fun.

Friday- Went downtown for The Scabs show at Antone's.  This was my first time to visit Antone's.  A group of us met at Whiskey bar before hand for a drink, then headed over for FlyJack (the opening show)....half way through that we decided to take a break and play some fooseball at Buffalo Billiards.  Around midnight we went back to Antone's to listen to The Scabs.  Unfortunately I couldn't stay out late and was home in bed around 1am.
Saturday- Woke up at 5:30am for a softball tourney but was so out of it that I asked to pass on playing and went back to bed.  However I was back up around 10am to mow the lawn, weed the flower beds, clean out the garage and then reorganize it.  It was so hot outside too!  I was sweating like crazy, very sexy let me tell you!  Then around 2pm I headed to Hanover's to play some volleyball and then went to a BBQ party.  I didn't get home till 10pm and was wiped out!  I had wanted to go out dancing but my body fell asleep on me by 11pm.
Sunday- Yet more house work!  Mopped the floors, repaired some torn clothes, did all my laundry, cleaned the hot tub and ran a few errands.  I'm quite happy with myself for being so productive!  -D   To finish off the night I had 2 volleyball games in Pflugerville followed by some Ben & Jerry's icecream.  Yummy!

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