Wednesday, November 21, 2007

#77 - Go see a band in town

Last night Monica, Brandy, Thura, Sarah and I went downtown to watch this band BoomBox at Lucky Lounge. We started off the night at Jeff's house and played some new Band video game he had just gotten that day. It was pretty cool, you have a guitar, drums and microphone and you sing at concerts. I sucked at the singing so I just sat back and became a fan. Then we headed down to Lavaca Street Bar and had a few $1 Tecates and a buttery nipple shot! Around 11:30pm we finally made our way over to Lucky Lounge, apparently the band never starts on time. ;-) BoomBox started playing around 11:45pm and they were actually pretty good! They even had a pretty good horn line. We hung out there for about an hour then visited Red Fez...but it was lame so we left. About 1am Brandy, Monica and I realized we were hungry and decided to head for Wendy's. Ahhh, a burger after all those drinks really hit the spot. I was home and in bed by 2:30am! It was a great night with the girls (and Thura)! :-)

Night out on the town

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  1. I WILL download those pictures for you.. LOL. :)