Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Maudie's Moonlight Margarita 5K

Pfelly Lane Runners! 7/12/2014

On a Thursday evening in early June, the girls from Pfville ran a HOT as H*LL race downtown. The race started at 8pm next to Lady Bird Lake, it was still 90 degrees out but felt like 98, plus there was no breeze on the race course!  I'm very heat sensitive so I was pretty worried about how I'd feel and how I'd perform for this race. was brutal. I made it through the race but really couldn't push myself any faster than what I did because I was over heating.  And then 45 mins later I crashed;  chills, issues breathing, thought I might pass friends were worried as I just did not look well.  Running in the heat is just not my thing.  Big thanks to Amanda who came back and ran the last 0.3 miles with Mary and I, thanks for pushing us!  They did have margaritas for all afterwards, but the line was so long we decided to leave without drinks and head to Torchy's for d@mn good tacos and beer.  ;)  Too bad I couldn't eat anything, I was trying hard to stay conscious!

Official chip time: 29:21, 9:24 pace
My Garmin: 29:23, Avg pace - 9:28
Mile 1 - 9:08, Mile 2 - 9:33, Mile 3 - 9:48 (felt like I was going to die, is this race over yet!?), last 0.1 - 0:53 (8:38 pace)
before the race and before the pain 7/12/2014

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