Monday, July 14, 2014

Annual Beach Trip

This year we went back to Port A and rented the purple house for our annual family beach trip.  We didn't leave as early as we had hoped Tues morning and we had a slight bumper snafu backing out of the driveway.  :sigh:  Otherwise the trip down went smoothly for having an almost 8 month old in the car.  I only had to squeeze myself between the two back seats and sit on a watermelon for 1.5 hrs of the drive, hand feeding my two kids snack after snack until Carsy fell asleep. 

It's hard work riding in a car.
We arrived a little after 3pm, unpacked, got the kids situated and prepared for dinner.  By the time everything was said and done it was too late to hit the beach.  It really takes a lot longer to do stuff when dealing with 3 young ones, two of them being less than 8 months old!

Ferry rides are fun!
We had really good weather the entire trip.  It only rained on us one morning, so we went to a sports bar to watch USA in the world cup, then hit the beach after lunch.  The water felt great but the seaweed was everywhere!  The bulldozers were pretty good about clearing the sand, but the first 5 ft of water was still jam packed with seaweed, it was like walking through a stew!  Ry didn't seem to mind, and as long as you could get past those first 5 ft then the water cleared up.  We only went out to eat a couple times during our stay.  We had one nice dinner out at Virginia's On The Bay, a lunch at Kody's sports bar and our last night there we had an awesome tempura shrimp dinner at the house.  Later that evening the grandparents watched the kids so we could hit up a few bars.  Sharkey's was a dud but the Salty Dog was a blast and the karaoke machine was rockin!  All in all a good trip, we only managed to get sunburned on our first day (ouch!).

Breakfast before beach 6/25
My nephew Mason!
1st time at the beach! 6/25/2014

Ry loved climbing the piles of smelly seaweed
building sand castles 6/25
Uncle Steve and Ry in the sand 6/25

all clean 6/25

Nice dinner out - Virginia's On The Bay

happy as a clam

Dolphin rider 6/25
Kody's sports bar and soccer/FIFA! 6/26
Ah the sea....6/26
beach babes 6/26
We like it under the pop up
Morning! 6/27
JAWS! 6/27

Mason finally liked the beach on the last day

cheesy grins
ready to surf the wake

Last day at Port A 6/27

beached babies 6/27

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