Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tailgating - It's a family affair!

The tailgate
This past Saturday marked my parents and Ryland's first ever UT tailgate.  For an extra special touch our tailgate joined forces with Major Applewhite's family tailgate!  We arrived around 10am and began showing JuJu and Opa the ropes - you know, scouting out the location of the kegs, food and TVs.  :)  The food selection for this tailgate was slow cooked chopped beef brisket sandwiches and fried boudin balls.  YUM!  The MSU vs UofM game came on at 11am and thank goodness there were 2 TVs as the A&M vs. Baylor game was on at the same time.  MSU played an awesome game and spanked UofM, 28-14.  :D  Go Green!  Ryland had a blast and was a social butterfly.  He didn't want to miss anything and pushed out his nap time by almost 2 hours.  Can you tell everyone had a good time? :)

Wearing an MSU green and white hat - had to represent!

Happy baby!

Happy grandparents

Sissy and Ry

Like father like son

Someone's tired

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