Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th of July weekend!

Happy Independence Day! 

What a great weekend!  It was my last weekend of maternity leave (pout) but we still had tons of fun!  Friday night Nana came over to watch Ryland so that we could go to the Alamo Drafthouse to watch the Green Lantern (it was just OK, a little cheesy).  Saturday we relaxed and ate lunch at one of our favorite hangouts, Pluckers!!  That evening the hubby stayed home to watch the kiddo so that I could put my boots on and go dancing!  I literally had to dust my boots off as I haven't been dancing in forever!  I hit up my old stompin' ground, GCS, with Erika and Tammy and had a great time shaking my tail feathers.  :D  Sunday we attended two BBQ's, both in the neighborhood.  The first one was a couple houses down the street from us, and it just so happened that our friend Bob H was there as well!  It really is a small world.  :)  A couple hours later we headed over to the Corn's house for their BBQ.  Ryland hadn't had a nap yet so he slept 3.5 hours in his swing at their house, which allowed us plenty of time to party.  We called it an early night and came back home around 9:30pm.  Luckily Ryland was just as sleepy as us and hit the sack by 10pm so that we could crash.  Monday we were up bright and early (thanks baby!) and cleaned house in anticipation of the Barney's and Nana arriving for a fajita lunch.  It was a nice relaxing day, we sat in the living room watching the music station while the babies napped...I think a couple of us adults even managed to squeeze in naps.  No fireworks for us though as Central Texas is having a major drought.

All in all a wonderful weekend.  Hard to believe that the next day would be my first day back at work and Ryland's first day at daycare.  How time flies!

Party at neighbors 7/3/2011

Bob H!

the ladies of karaoke

Partying with Karen 7/3/2011

Malek grilling at the Corn's

That's my husband for ya (the next shot was worse, open mouth w. chewed food!)

Patriotic cousins Ryland and Blake 7/4/2011

Loving his face!  You leanin' on me??? 7/4/2011

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