Friday, May 21, 2010

Puppy Love?

Sarah has a new playmate!  We adopted Josie from my sister-in-law.  She's a 9 month old German Shepherd/Boxer mix.  Besides the fact that she likes to chew on EVERYTHING, she's a real sweetie.  The two dogs seem to be getting along great.  We (and with 'we' I really mean Malek) even installed a doggie door at the new house to make life easier.

Aren't they adorable! 

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Remember those Crape Myrtles? (#6)

Well, now I feel like this has been officially scratched off!  Our new house came with a crape myrtle, but 'we' didn't plant it (I felt like I skimped on item #6).  We had talked about planting more trees in our backyard once we moved in and so a couple of weeks ago Malek bought 6 new trees - 2 of them are crape myrtles!!  Malek (yes him, not me...too much work digging holes) has already planted 3 of them and plans to take care of the rest this week/end.  Nice!

#104 - Write my Will!

My employer offers its employees a free basic Will and I finally decided to take action, especially with all the recent changes (new house, marriage, etc).  So last Friday I went to Hyatt in RR and signed my Last Will and Testament.  Now just gotta get my hubby's Will squared away. :-)

countdown to completion

84 days left to finish my 101 list...yeah don't think it's gonna happen.  Either way I'll continue to blog and I'm sure this site will morph into something else...or quite possibly even renew the list (or continue to finish the old one)!

15. Cook at least one home meal(s) a week [i.e. eat out less] (92/143)
16. Actually use my bathtub and soak in a warm bath at least once a quarter. (1/11)  - major failure, however the new house has a jacuzzi tub!  so maybe....
22. Go downhill snow skiing - already past the snow this year, can't fit in before Aug
23. Go camping at least once a year (1/3) - going this June!!
27. Buy a new bike
31. Go snowboarding for the first time  - already past the snow this year, can't fit in before Aug
32. Ride in a hot air balloon - $$$$
35. Hit golf balls at a driving range (practice practice practice) - eh...
38. Move all my pictures from Webshots to a better online digital service website (snapfish?). - too much of a hassle..I'm staying with Webshots.
40. Read more than just fiction novels/books, or read in general! (IP)
42. Actually use the teeth whitening kit I got 3 yrs ago [IP]
44. Work out at least 3x's a week [IP] (holidays and vacations permitting)
45. Keep weight under (private) lbs - lost weight for wedding, now maintaining!
46. Learn to change a tire and basic car maintenance - pfft why?, I've got a man!
52. Take a road trip - going this June with the family!
53. Stay at a B&B in Fredericksburg
56. Drive a motorcycle (I've ridden on them, never driven one) - yah right
57. Do more things with my hair besides a ponytail - failure
59. Floss more (IP) - sigh...lucky if I do this once a week...
63. Attend Oktoberfest in TX - wont make this in time by Aug since it's in Oct!
69. Take a sewing machine class
81. Donate blood at least 3x’s a year (8/9) - woohoo!
82. Go on a picnic - I should be able to force this one in...
84. Swim in Barton Spring Pool - I should be able to force this one in...
86. Play Frisbee golf again
88. Go horseback riding again (haven’t been in over 6 yrs) - can do this in June while camping!!
93. Attend a sing a long at the Alamo - whatever
98. Watch some movies off the AFI Greatest Movies list
113. Have a cookie from Austin Cookie Lounge (replaces #90) - I did Tiffs Treats in May....does that count? Sadly no.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Deutschen Pfest Pfun Run

Deutschen Pfest Pfun Run.

This is our first family run! I really liked the race course, and it started at 8am so it was nice and cool. Evan came in at 26:43, followed closely by me at 27:34 (8:50/M, I came in 5th for my age group). My best race time in probably 2 years! Emma and Jonathan came in around 35 mins. Emma actually took 2nd place in her age group. All in all a great race, they even had beer and pizza at the finish line!

Emma's time
Evan's time
Jonathan's time

Friday, May 14, 2010

#15 – home made meals (92/143)

I made chicken pot pie last night.   This time I sautéed some onions and added them to the mix...however, I forgot the pimento.  It was still excellent.  ;-)  Followed up with dessert from Tiff's Treats.

Friday, May 7, 2010


Not really much to report...

Still organizing the house (study and pantry).
We have hosted a couple of lunch/dinners at the house with family.
I am running 2x's a week plus playing softball and volleyball. Go exercise! (#44)
Oh, and I get my new vehicle today...the Routan!
AND I'm LOVING my new job!!!!  Just what I needed to rejuvenate myself at work.

#15 - home made meals (91/143). I made my favorite pasta last night for Sara & Dana and the kids.  Even wrapped the shrimp in bacon w/ jalapenos!  Yummy.  The pasta has all kinds of veggies in it as well as my fav sauce, sun-dried tomato basil alfredo.

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