Monday, November 15, 2010

TX Renaissance Festival Fun

This past Saturday we took the kids to the TX Renaissance Festival.  This was a first time experience for Malek and the kids....I on the other hand am a veteran to the Ren Faire scene as I attended all though HS in MI and even dressed up!  We arrived around 11am and started our adventure.  We walked around the grounds first, checking everything out and where certain games/food/shows were located.  Then we tried out the Royal Archery.  I've never shot an arrow before, and the kids enjoyed trying to hit the dragon targets.  I did manage to hit the wall and have the arrow stick...after it bounced off the ceiling.  :D  Then we sat down to watch the last part of the Mud Pit show.  Evan and Emma were enthralled by the guys eating mud.  ~gag~  Then it was off to the Ded Bob Sho...this is a MUST for new and returning Ren Faire folk.  This show is the BOMB!  I think I watched Malek and the kids reactions more than the show, they had a great time and it was HILARIOUS!  Emma even went up afterwards to have her picture taken with Ded Bob.  Next we grabbed some food in the Greek section and were entertained by gypsy belly dancers.  Following that the kids played some games and we explored more of the shops.  We also found a free sword fighting shop that the kids and Malek took advantage of, I of course snapped photos.  Finally 3pm arrived and it was time to head to the jousting arena.  We sat in the English section and cheered for our knight....unfortunately the French knight cheated his way to the win, so we booed him.  We wandered around for another hour before we decided to head out at 4:30pm.  It was a great day and the weather was perfect.  The kids had a wonderful time and even Malek said he'd be willing to come back in a couple years.  ;-)


mud pit show

The Ded Bob Sho

free sword fights

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