Monday, November 1, 2010

8th Annual Halloween Spooktacular!

 This past Saturday, Oct 30th, was our 8th Annual Halloween Spook-tacular!  Since we are in a new house this year it took some time figuring out where to place everything.  After a couple weekends of decorating and rearrange it turned out perfectly, everyone loved it.  Malek and I dressed up as a Mummy and Deady (zombie) since we are expecting.  ;-)  The busy bee definitely enjoyed the nectar, the pretty peacock was strutting her stuff, Flo from Progressive had some great rates and Bret Michaels even made an appearance!  I think my favorite was Bob the Smurf.  :D

Check out the link below for many more great costumes and fun pictures.
Image hosted by
by cfreund




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