Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Odds & Ends

#15 – Home cooked meals  (98/143).   I made breakfast on Sunday (sausage patties, biscuits, coffee) and spinach ravioli last night.  Granted these are 2 very easy things to make..and all I really had to do was defrost them...but darn it I'm still claiming them because we ate at home and stove top flames were involved.  :-D

Malek and I have been spending A LOT of time (and $$) on our house in preparation for our house-warming party.  I must say I'm super excited on the progress we've made.    My wonderful friend Jenn R sent me free decorating ideas and let me use her designer discounts (she's an interior decorator), and I MUST say she's EXCELLENT!  I LOVE everything she's suggested and the 1st floor of our home looks spectacular!  I can't wait to show it off to our friends and family.  I don't want to spill the beans yet on everything we've done (I'll blog about all our house projects after the party), but I must say it's been extremely entertaining listening to Malek hang curtains.  ;-)  We have yet to tackle the game room...right now it's a hodgepodge of all our miscellaneous furniture.  Unfortunately that project will have to wait until next year.

#44 - Work out 3x's a week (IP).  Still going strong!  I run 2x's a week in the mornings, and have been going to the gym on the other days for weights and elliptical.  Plus I'm still playing volleyball.  Softball has been put on the back burner since I took a nice line drive to the chin.  Ouch! 

#45 - Weight management (IP).  I managed to lose ~10 lbs for the wedding and have since been maintaining.  It fluctuates a little, but I'm happy where my weight has come to rest.  I feel GREAT!  I'm happy with my body and my life.   

#16 - Bathtub time.  Major FAILURE.  I guess I'm just a shower girl.  We have this great jacuzzi tub in the new house and we still haven't touched it!   I did chill some of our wedding champagne so we could enjoy the bubbly while taking a bubble bath...alas the champagne is still sitting there forlorn in the fridge. 

Can you tell I had fun with the smiley faces today?


  1. Enjoyed reading. Looking forward for more. Cheers,
    Show Off,

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