Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Celebrate Independence!

Hope everyone had a Happy Independence day!


This year was a bit more low-key.   ;-)
Friday - Malek and I stayed in and watched a couple of episodes of TrueBlood Season 2.  Since I had a race early the next morning, I was in bed by 10:30pm.
Saturday - Amanda, Jenn and I ran the Nelson Scholarship 5K in Georgetown early Sat morning.  "Holy humidity batman!"  You could cut the air with a chainsaw from all the rain we had received the past 4 days.  Despite that, it was actually a really nice race course, as long as you survived the gunshots.... Yup, that's right, gunshots!  We were all waiting at the starting line as the singer finished the anthem when one of the guys dressed up in colonial garb shot off his riffle!  There was no warning, no "ready, set, go", NOTHING!  We were all so startled we just took off running, running away from the noise!  Amanda was even like "well, I guess we should go?".  During this interchange I had managed to scream before gathering myself up and running after Jenn and Amanda.  It wasn't even 20 seconds later when yet another shotgun was heard (apparently the first shot was a miss fire)...and I screamed again (sigh).  I could  hear the other runners behind me laughing.  Oh well, at least I'm entertaining.  :-P  I finished in 28:26 with a 9:10 pace.  Not bad considering I almost had a heart attack at the beginning of the race.  Once home I showered and took an hour and a half nap.  Nice!  For lunch, Malek and I enjoyed Texadelphia, and apparently so did everyone else that day who bought the Groupon.  The rest of the afternoon consisted of some household projects followed by dancing at GCS!
Sunday - We slept in!  Followed by yet more household projects, cleaning and making food for a BBQ later that day.  I must say the house is coming along swimmingly!  Around 5pm we headed over to our friends house for a BBQ and fireworks.  It was a nice relaxing evening with good friends and good food.  Plus we had a really nice view of the fireworks from the golf course in Blackhawk.
Monday - Slept in again!  After some coffee and breakfast we finished a few more things around the house, ran errands, ate a very late lunch at Pluckers, then finally back home to rest and relax.

Whew, what a busy weekend!  We managed to accomplish a huge chuck of our to-do list for the house and enjoy play time as well.  :-)

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