Thursday, February 19, 2009

#26 - Try a yoga class / tape

I finally tried out a yoga class!  I've never done yoga before and Amanda's neighborhood community center offers classes on Tuesday night.  So I figured why not?!  It was a great first yoga class!  All the stretching really helped my sore muscles from Monday's weight class.  Not sure I'll go every week, but I think once a month would be good.

Exercise for the week:
Sunday - Volleyball game
Monday- Cardio/Weight class
Tuesday - Yoga!!!
- Ran 4 miles, softball game
Thursday - * Planning to run 2 miles after work *, volleyball game
Friday - REST!
Saturday- Mardi Gras 5K race!  That's why I've been trying to fit in as much running as possible.  The Cap 10K is in March .

Needless to say I've been extremely sore all week!  :-P

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