Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The big 3-0!!!!!

This Friday I will be 30 yrs young!  My wonderful friends have planned a surprise party for me this Saturday...'surprise' as in the fact that I have no clue as to what the details entail, but they've told me there is a party.    I'm actually excited to turn 30...the only down side I've found is that I can no longer tell someone I'm in my 20's.  Though really no big deal, especially since the 30's are supposed to be AWESOME! 

I'm also excited because my best friend Karen, my college roommate Laura, my brother Steve and his g/f Christina are all flying in this week to help me celebrate in style! 

I'll definitely be rocking the end of my 20's, party like a rock star! 
Club 30 here I come!

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