Monday, April 27, 2015

Ryland's 4th Birthday

Ry's 4th birthday was of epic proportions!  We decided to have his party at the Dino Park; which came complete with giant dinos, sand fossil pits, playscapes and a scavenger hunt.  Words can not describe how ecstatic Ry was to celebrate with friends, family and prehistoric creatures.  The entire day he was running around with a huge smile on his face, dragging his friends from place to place to show them the dinosaurs. 

The kids had a blast and thankfully the weather held out as it was supposed to storm the entire day.  I asked Ry what he wanted for his birthday and he said sugar and candles.  I think we surpassed his expectations.  :)   A big thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated Ryland's 4th birthday with us.  

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All photos located here.

Happy boy - yes those are xmas pj's in April...
Dino cupcakes and the 3D dino cake I made for Ry

They loved the baby dino

Carsyn hitches a ride with daddy
I love how they are point

Make a wish!
Birthday boy and mommy

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