Friday, May 30, 2014

Sea World!

The hubby and I decided to take a last min vacation day this past Thursday so that we could take Ry to Sea World.  It was our first Sea World trip!!!  We figured it would be our last chance to go before school ended and to avoid the crowds.  I'm so glad we went when we did because it was a great day and there were no lines, no mobs, no craziness.  Ry had a blast exploring all the exhibits and playing in the splash pad.  His favorite sea creatures were the sharks, mommy and daddy were pretty excited about Shamu.  ;)  Ry also rode his very first roller coaster (with mommy of course).

We have arrived!  5/30/2014

Dolphins up close
and sharks!
pretty color
Happy Feet!
splash pad fun

Ry's first roller coaster ride!  with mommy of course

that walrus is HUGE! 3000 lbs
worn out

Friday, May 23, 2014

Ants in Your Pants 5K

Emma and I ran the Ants In Your Pants local 5K with a few other friends.  I really enjoyed this race and will run it again.  The course through Bohl's park and looped around, it was scenic and shaded from all the trees.  There was only 2 spots in the race that scared me just tad.  The first one is when you run under a bridge, the bridge was so low I thought for sure my head would hit.  The 2nd was a dip into a creek, the path changed from cement to rocky terrain and then back, I thought for sure I'd slip or fall over the rough patches and that drop was steep!  Overall a great race and close to home.  The temperature that day was perfect, around 65-68 degrees at the start of the race.  Afterwards they gave out free snow cones to the participants as well as raffle prizes!  Unfortunately we didn't win anything, but Emma and I both had some great race times!

My Garmin:  26:56 (8:51 avg pace) in 3.04 miles
My chip time:  27:00 (8:41 avg pace) in 3.1 miles.  I took 7th place in my age group and 19th in gender.
Emma's chip time:  28:32 (9:11 avg pace) in 3.1 miles.  Emma took 4th place in her age group and 21 in gender.

start line - they're off!

Emma had an excellent run!

Finishers 5/10/2014

Monday, May 19, 2014

Carsyn Baptized

Carsyn was baptized this weekend by the Trinity fountain at our Church.  It was a beautiful day and Carsyn was a perfect angel, no crying!  We named my brother Steve and SIL Christina as Godparents.  Afterwards we celebrated with family and friends at our house with Rudy's BBQ and cake.  Visit My Mom's Memos for the full recap and pictures.

The gown - I wore the same gown when I was baptized!


God Bless Carsyn