Friday, May 23, 2014

Ants in Your Pants 5K

Emma and I ran the Ants In Your Pants local 5K with a few other friends.  I really enjoyed this race and will run it again.  The course through Bohl's park and looped around, it was scenic and shaded from all the trees.  There was only 2 spots in the race that scared me just tad.  The first one is when you run under a bridge, the bridge was so low I thought for sure my head would hit.  The 2nd was a dip into a creek, the path changed from cement to rocky terrain and then back, I thought for sure I'd slip or fall over the rough patches and that drop was steep!  Overall a great race and close to home.  The temperature that day was perfect, around 65-68 degrees at the start of the race.  Afterwards they gave out free snow cones to the participants as well as raffle prizes!  Unfortunately we didn't win anything, but Emma and I both had some great race times!

My Garmin:  26:56 (8:51 avg pace) in 3.04 miles
My chip time:  27:00 (8:41 avg pace) in 3.1 miles.  I took 7th place in my age group and 19th in gender.
Emma's chip time:  28:32 (9:11 avg pace) in 3.1 miles.  Emma took 4th place in her age group and 21 in gender.

start line - they're off!

Emma had an excellent run!

Finishers 5/10/2014

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