Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Return of Our Spooktacular Party!!

 This year was the return of our Halloween Party (back to adults only) and it was awesome!  We skipped last year as I was 9 months pregnant and there was NO WAY I was going to plan a party in that state.  Anyways, this year I made a ton of new runner friends and we reinvigorated our party with new blood, muhahahaha!  The turn out was amazing, probably close to 40 people, and they were all super impressed with the decor and food.  We had some very creative costumes this year such as Olaf from Frozen, a roaring 20's flapper, lifeguard from The Sandlot, some awesome Day of the Dead makeup, Maleficent, Dark Little Bo Peep and of course some JD & coke to get this party started!  The Spirits were definitely present and ready to BOO-gie and raise the dead! 

All pictures posted on FB.

the ghouls

The group!

Princess and her frog...errr TMNT!


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