Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Austin 1020 race

The Austin 1020 was a great race!  10 miles and 20 local bands over a relatively flat course with a free beer at the end and another band, Puddle of Mud, on the main stage.  The tech shirt and medals weren't shabby either.  The hubby and I decided to run this race in early Jan.  It was my first official race back since having my second child and my first 10 miler.  I trained very slowly for 4 months and despite a couple set backs (foot pain again, remedied by orthotic inserts) managed to comfortably run 10 miles.  I say comfortably because my goal for this race was to finish.  I tend to hurt myself when running long distances and I knew I wouldn't be in top running form like I was for the 3M and Austin half 2 years ago.  I probably could have pushed myself to run 9:30's, but honestly I enjoyed it more running a bit slower (avg pace of 10:19) and not hurting myself.

hubby and I

Pfelly Lane Runners!  4/13/2014

The race took place at the Domain and started at 8am.  We left the house at 6:15am to pick up Jenn and Kim and snag a good parking spot.  We did arrive a bit early but I think that was best to avoid traffic.  We stretched, hit the bathrooms and lined up in our corrals.

Race starting in 5 mins! 4/13/2014

At 8am it was 70 degrees, overcast (thank god!) with 9 mph winds and 97% humidity.  Actually really good weather for a race.  I wore my new race outfit, running skort and tank top with matching hat.  ;)  The hubby and I ran the first 4 miles together, then we split up.  The bands were entertaining and I enjoyed most of the course.  I wasn't too thrilled to run up and down Mopac, but overall it wasn't that bad.  Now here's the kicker, around mile 9.5 I wiped out.  I had seen an earlier sign pointing out a speed bump and I made it past that one just fine, but I missed the 2nd one. I had just passed a water stop and was looking for a trash can to throw my cup away.   As I turned to make sure I didn't run into the girl next to me I totally hit the speed bump and BAM I went down.  I skidded on my hands, rolled and then was back on my feet.  A couple runners around me warned other runners I had gone down and made sure I was OK.  Luckily no cuts, just a few bruises and a bruised ego.  It all happened so fast and surprisingly it didn't impact my time as I jumped right back up.

I finished in 1:44:20 (chip time 1:44:28 and gun time 1:46:05).  The hubby came in at 1:53:14 (chip) and 1:54:52 (gun).  I'm pretty happy with our times, I only trained up to 7 miles and the hubby only trained up to 5.  At the finish it was 72 degrees, overcast with 13 mph winds and 87% humidity.  We actually started getting a little chilly hanging out at the finishers area drinking our beer.

Per my Garmin:
Avg pace - 10:19
Mile 1 - 10:00, Mile 2 - 10:12, Mile 3 - 10:13, Mile 4 - 10:19, Mile 5 - 10:23, Mile 6 - 10:14, Mile 7 - 10:44, Mile 8 - 10:13, Mile 9 - 10:49, Mile 10 - 10:18, last 0.11 - 0:55 (8:46 pace)

We did it!
Pfelly Pfinishers!

the medal

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