Tuesday, October 15, 2013


A couple weekends ago (the weekend before my birthday) we went to San Antonio for a babymoon.  While we were there I kept thinking of all the places we could take Ry to (zoo, sea world, children's museum, etc), but this was our time to relax and unwind.  We mostly stuck to the river walk and places within driving distance as it was hard on me and my poor feet to walk long distances.  We hit up several eateries and bars on the river walk, checked out Pearl and the farmer's market and enjoyed dinner at Aldo's, the restaurant where my hubby proposed.  We even managed to catch the MSU game (Go Green!) and visited the mall on the river walk (Hello AC!  It was a bit warm on Fri & Sat).  All in all a nice relaxing weekend.

Remember the Alamo! 10/6/2013

Pearl brew house and farmer's market 10/5/2013

Lunch at La Gloria at Pearl

Dinner at Aldo's 10/4/2013
Drinks on the river walk, mine's a virgin of course ;) 10/4/2013

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