Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tailgating is back!

Tailgating is back and boy has it been HOT!  So far we've attended two tailgates, the first one was 106 degrees, the second one was 96 degrees.  Definitely not very comfortable for me as I'm preggers and all. :P There is one more tailgate this month that I'll be able to attend.  However I'm currently watching the weather and seriously debating not going if it's in the 90's again.  Other than that we've had a good time as usual.  Ry had a blast and even played (or tried to play) football with a couple older boys.  ;)  Surprisingly there are no home games in Oct, there are 3 home games in Nov (one on Thanksgiving day) but I'm definitely out on those as baby girl will be less than a month old!

Tailgating 8/31/2013

Tailgating in trees! 8/31/2013

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