Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Deutschen Pfest 5k Pfun Run & Festival

The Deutschen Pfest 5K is our family race.  It's close to home, a good course and they serve pizza and beer afterwards.  Plus with your race shirt you get into the festival for free!  It was 75 degrees at race time and windy.  Our nice cool weather had disappeared and the past few mornings had been fairly muggy, so I was a bit worried about the temp.  I knew I wouldn't PR as I've been decreasing my runs since I'm 16 weeks pregnant, this would be my last race of the year.  I think they changed up the course a bit this year, there seemed to be a lot more hills.  Nothing too bad, but it was noticeable, mile 2 was the toughest.  Overall I'm really happy with my time, I ran the entire time and ran it in under a 9:30 pace (which was my goal).  Hopefully by this time next year I'll be back in fighting form to regain my time from last year (PR 25:26).  Evan came in at a speedy 25:57, the hubby and Emma ran together while pushing Ry and came in at 33:29.  My Garmin said I finished 3.06 miles in 29:20 and my official race time was 29:19.  A total of 455 people ran the race this year.

       Overall          DIVP     GunTime         Time              Pace
Bro-Bro 85 13 26:02 25:57 8:19
Mommy 156 17 29:23 29:19 9:24
Daddy 231 17 34:30 33:29 10:44
Sissy 233 10 34:29 33:29 10:44

5K finishers 5/19/2013
Ry just had to be with mommy.  Jenn, me, Amanda 5/19/2013

Blasts from the past
Deutschen Pfest 5k Pfun Run 5/20/2012
Deutschen Pfest 5k Pfun Run 5/16/2010 

After the race we headed to the festival to listen to the Detentions and partake in carny food.  :)  Ry had a blast on the playscapes and even danced to the music.

Eating bratwurst!

daddy and son hanging

off to get some treats

Ry's first cotton candy!  I think he liked the shaved ice better.

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