Monday, March 25, 2013

Camping at Pace Bend

During Spring Break we went camping at Pace Bend.  Last year Ry was barely a year old and was just learning to walk.  This time he was off wandering on his own, playing with rocks, dirt and toting his dump truck everywhere.  He especially loved rolly pollies and would scream 'BUG!" every time he saw one.  My parents had a new camper this year, which Ry made himself quite comfortable in (actually we all did), especially in the early morning when it was cold out.  He had a ball and slept great at night in our tent.  I think he slept better than us.  Unfortunately there was a burn ban this year so no wood fires, which meant no s'mores!  Waaaaahh!  That's OK, we enjoyed awesome dutch oven cooking and the weather we perfect!
Camping at pace bend 3/14-3/16
our camp site

playing '31'

I like long walks along the beach...

warming up with Juju

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