Tuesday, January 17, 2012

NYE Gala with LC Rocks!

This year we attended Austin Social Scene's Annual New Years Eve Gala with LC Rocks, and IT.WAS.AWESOME!  We checked in early and walked over to Pappadeaux's for an early dinner, then it was back to the hotel to get ready for the nights festivities.  Not only did we receive free drinks and snacks before the event, we also met several friends of the band and were invited to party with them and LC Rocks!  Oh.Emm.Gee!!!  After the ball dropped (hugs and kisses!) we hung out with the band members in their hotel room while drinking purple margaritas until 3am.  I haven't been up that late in ages!  :) 
View from our hotel room to atrium - DoubleTree Hotel

View from our hotel room to atrium

Isn't he cute?

In the ballroom waiting for LC Rocks to begin

LC Rocks on one side, Suede band on the other

Getting their 80's groove on - I even got the hubby out on the dance floor!

Happy New Year!

On Stage with LC Rocks and friends of the band!

Hanging out with LC Rocks in their room - I took the NYE hat and Malek caught me :Þ

Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Hubby!

This year we celebrated Malek's birthday with Jeff Dunham tickets (the shows not until Feb) and dinner at Hudson's on the Bend.  The food was AMAZING!  Malek ordered the elk, I had duck with scallops, and the lobster bisque was to die for!!!  Happy Birthday hubby!  I love you!
Perfect card

Jefuh-fuh DunHAM...dot com tickets!

Hudson's on the Bend - and lots of hanging apples...


duck and scallops

lobster bisque - oh my mouth is watering!

chocolate torte dessert

Happy Birthday! 12/29/2011

Christmas Recap

I'm finally getting around to posting about the holidays.  This was our first time in probably 4-5 years that we didn't have family staying at our house.  Normally my parents would come stay with us, but since they moved here over the summer we were visitor free!  Not to mention my hubby's entire family lives here as well.  This makes it really easy to get everyone together for the holidays.  The holidays were extra special this year because it was Ry's very first Christmas!

My mom and I spent an entire day in the kitchen making 5 different kinds of holiday cookies.  Seriously, I'm talking at least 7 hours of baking!  Now that's what I call dedication!
candy cane cookies, murpchen, snickerdoodles, Mexican wedding cakes, outrageous chocolate cookies
Christmas eve we went to the Children's church service where Malek and Emma passed out communion.  Then we came home and enjoyed jambalaya and watched movies.  Christmas morning arrived bright and early.  Not only did the kids wake up super early, but poor Ry was beginning to come down with a cold.  The little squirt didn't let his runny nose get him down though, he thoroughly enjoyed playing with the tissue paper from his presents.  :P  The kids loved their gifts.

I <3 tissue paper!

After we ravaged the gifts under our tree we headed over to Opa and Juju's for our traditional eggs Benedict breakfast and more gift giving.
I ate 3.5 of these bad boys - yum!

glitter TOMS

my first real nutcracker

showing off their new shoes
We had a couple hours to relax after brunch before heading over to Sara & Dana's for Christmas dinner with the Maleks.  Merry Christmas everyone!  Ho Ho Ho!

Sara, Dana and Blake 12/25/2011

Glitter on Emma!

I love Emma's sparkly hat

Elephant in the room?

That's right!  I'm talking about the Cox's annual White Elephant Party.  ;)  Please bare with me as I'm quite a few posts behind schedule....

Jenn's WE party was a blast.  There was my favorite cheese torte appetizer, lots of wine and drinks to go around, some truly funny and horrendous gifts and of course great company.  We partied the night away as if we didn't have kids to get home to.  :)  Great way to begin the holidays.

The girls 12/10/2011

Bringing sexy back

Just try and steal my gift!

Rocking the vest

Cheers! 12/10/2011