Sunday, November 4, 2012

Touch A Truck

This weekend at Old Settlers Park was the Touch A Truck event sponsored by the Round Rock Parks and Rec Department.  This made for a perfect outing as Ry's all about trucks right now.  He loves watching the CAT and other construction vehicles in our neighborhood and will yell at us if we move him before he's had his fill.  The Touch A Truck event allows children the opportunity to explore vehicles of all types - public service, emergency, utility, construction, transportation, etc.  We arrived around 11am and worked our way to most of the vehicles.  Ry's favorite thing was to play with the giant wheels and lug-nuts and watch the excavator in action.  Those big trucks really wore the little guy out, he crashed once we got in the car.
Driving the big wheels 11/3/2012

RR incident management vehicle

mini excavator 

Army Humvee

Military transport vehicle

roaming the moving truck

I'm not ready to leave yet!

Everyone's DL picture looks horrible 11/3/2012

tuckered out

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