Monday, May 21, 2012

Pro pics galore!

I went a little overboard on professional pictures this past month.  I didn't plan it that way on purpose.  Ry's daycare offered us a free 11x13 canvas portrait in April and we decided why not!  It was free.  We were only there for 5 mins and in that short time span they managed to take multiple poses of us, so we had plenty to choose from.  I'm such a sucker for pictures, surprisingly we narrowed it down to the 2 poses below.


kiddos 4/26/2012
*** UPDATED *** 
I can't believe I forgot to post this school picture!  I love the TX flair.  :)  Such a cutie!

Ry's daycare picture from 4/03/2012

We also scheduled Ry's 12 month photo session at the end of April with Luxe Photography, and because it was his birthday session we included the entire family.  I'm glad my family can 'deal' with my photo habit.  ;)

Butler Park photo session with Luxe Photography

Great view of downtown ATX 4/29/2012
Bears oh my!

mommy and me 4/29/2012

Time for cake!

Evan 4/29/2012

Emma 4/29/2012

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