Friday, December 16, 2011


It was a very busy Thanksgiving this year.  Great Great Aunt Deanie flew in from Amarillo for the holidays and to meet Ry.  My brother Steve was able to come down early for a work thing and then lil C joined us just in time for Turkey day.  Lil C and I even ran the Turkey Trot together!  We ended up having two different days of Thanksgiving feasts with both sides of the family.  Talk about food coma!  Oh yeah, and we managed to fit in dinner at a German restaurant.  ;)

Frying the Turkey 11/24/2011

At the Barneys house 11/24/2011

the adult adults talking

Nana & Lil C with the little ones

Isabel and Al w/ the grand kids 11/24/2011

Readying the morning paper with Uncle Steve 11/25/2011

European Bistro dinner 11/25/2011

Shhhhh daddy!

Tired little turkey 11/26/2011

Crown Roast Pork!  And Opa ;)  11/26/2011


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