Monday, June 6, 2011

Biggest Loser Challenge

Today my organization at work started the Biggest Loser 11 week challenge.  Weight loss is based on the percentage of weight lost, not actual pounds.  My goal is a 5% weight loss (trying to be realistic here).  This is good incentive for me to get back into my workout regime!  I haven't really put much effort into working out as of late...granted I had my baby 7 weeks ago, but I was cleared by the Dr for exercise 2 weeks ago.  :^/  Now I have some competitive motivation to put my running shoes back on and hit that pavement!  Not to mention I'd really like to wear my cute bikini's again at the pool.....

The nurse at work is keeping track of our weight loss to keep us all honest.  :Þ  Let the pain fun begin!

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