Friday, April 8, 2011

Princess Bride Quote-along

#93 - Attend a sing/quote-along at the Alamo

Finally can knock this one off of my lingering 101!  Malek actually found this event (to my surprise) and so we decided to check it out.  Princess Bride is one of my favorite movies from my childhood!  When we arrived at the Alamo Drafthouse they gave us some props for the show: plastic sword, bubbles and a bell.  You used the sword to fight with your neighbors during the sword fights, you rung the little bell whenever there was a 'love' scene, the bubbles were for the marriage ceremony with Prince Humperdinck (boo), and of course whenever Vizzini said 'inconceivable' you had to slap your forehead.  :)  Tons of fun!  Emma enjoyed it as well.

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