Monday, March 10, 2014

Finally getting around to posting Carysn's 3 Month pro pics (From 2/2/2014).  Than you Noelle Kai Photography for another sweet session!  Big sissy was able to join us this time for some great family and sibling photos.

Austin Aquarium

I bought season passes to the Austin Aquarium last summer but they didn't open until November.  We waited a couple months before checking them out in Feb.  Ry absolutely loved it!  This place is perfect for littles.  They had plenty of touch tanks and a small playscape in the back.  Ry really loved the shark tank, he must have stood there for 20 mins watching the sharks, and you could touch them!  We'll definitely take him back again.

Austin Aquarium 2/22/2014
star fish touch tank
Ry really loves turtles
Carsy checking out the shark tank