Friday, April 20, 2012

Ryland's 1st Birthday

My baby boy has turned one!!  Hard to believe that just one year ago our son Ryland entered the world and our lives.  He's an inquisitive, loving, adventurous, rambunctious, sweet little boy and we love him so very much.  Happy 1st Birthday Ryland! 

We threw him a 'very hungry caterpillar' themed party the Saturday before his actual birthday.  I had so much fun planning his party and creating the decor, food and games.  I was very excited with how everything turned out and everyone had a great time.

Head on over to My Mom's Memos for a full recap of Ryland's birthday fun.

Click here to view the party pictures uploaded to FB.

Below are some pictures we took on his actual birthday.  I still can't believe how quickly a year has gone by!  My handsome boy is now headed into year 2.  :) 

Happy Birthday to you!

Yummy frosting

Ry's first truck


12 months young - 4/18/2012

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter recap

With family in town it's easy to get together for the holidays. :) After Church on Easter morning we all gathered at Baba's house for lunch and watched the kids play with Easter eggs.  They loved watching Malek juggle.  Then later that evening we hung out with Opa & Juju for an awesome lamb dinner.

Happy Easter!
Easter morning - plastic eggs and a green ball from the Easter bunny 4/8/2012

Hanging out at Baba's house after church

Baba has the egg!


Blake, Ry and Margaret

Juggling Easter eggs!
fun on the floor

Dinner at Opa & Juju's

Ry loves his new table!

Monday, April 2, 2012


There's been so much rain the past 2 months that the bluebonnets came out in force this year.  It's amazing how they suddenly appear, covering fields and lining highways in a sea of purplish blue.

Gorgeous weather and beautiful wildflowers - Oh how I love Spring!
Pictures taken 4/1/2012

Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Dinner at Gumbo's 3/27/2012
Happy 2nd Anniversary!  This time last year I was pregnant and due in 2 weeks.  Now we have a beautiful family of 5 with the addition of my first child, Ryland.  Looking forward to new adventures and many more wonderful years together!  xoxo



35th Annual Cap 10K

pre race pic - all perty! 3/25/2012
The 35th Annual Capitol 10,000 was on March 25th, with almost 23,000 runners this year!  There have been some years I've run this race and it's been so cold I wore long pants and 2 long sleeved shirts....and then there are times like this year, where it's so hot and humid that I thought I was going to pass out!  This years Cap 10K was probably the worst I've ever felt during a race due to the heat.   

Amanda picked us up early so that we arrived downtown with plenty of time to park, stretch and use the potties.  When we started at 9am it already felt warm ~65 degrees, and when we finished it was around 75 degrees with 90% humidity.  The hubby was nice enough to stay with me for the race (even hung over he's faster than me, pfft!). I actually did OK pace wise until the very last mile. Overall I'm happy with my time and hit my goal (under 58 mins).  I had dreams of running 9 min miles but the heat got to me.  I went back and looked at my results from my very first Cap 10K race, and I managed to run the exact same time!  How weird is that?

Official chip time - 57:44, the hubby came in at 57:35
Avg pace - 9:12  (the course was a bit long at 6.27 miles)
Mile 1 - 8:38
Mile 2 - 9:05
Mile 3 - 9:18
Mile 4 - 9:11
Mile 5 - 9:18
Mile 6 - 9:56 (ugh!)
last 0.27 - 2:19 (8:34 pace)

I'm in the upper left hand corner, white hat

post race pic - HOT!