Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Boxes boxes too many boxes!

Goodness, we've been in the house a week and boxes are running rampant!  The garage is stuffed to capacity with items from storage and all our moving boxes.  However, the house is starting to look like a home!  The inside is close to being finished (woohoo!)....the garage is another story (ugh)...

Hopefully I'll be able to take pictures of the finished product next weekend.

Spring Cleaning of the closet

#41 - Clean out closets (4/3)

The one nice thing about moving is that it forces me to go through all of my belongings and get rid of things I no longer need.  This past weekend I went through my entire closet (clothes & shoes & purses) and managed to fill up an entire box of stuff I don't need anymore.  It's either going to Good Will or will be sold in a garage sale. 

We have a ton of stuff from storage and the house that we no longer need.  Looks like we'll be having a garage sale soon.

#15 - home cooked meal(s) (90/143)

Haha, not sure what to say about this one.  We are still eating tons of left over food from the wedding.  We froze it all and just take it out to reheat when we are ready.  This food has been sustaining us for a good month now...guess I really can't call it 'home cooked'...maybe 'home reheated'? 

We'll finally go food shopping this Thursday to replenish our fridge.  We haven't been to the grocery store in over a month!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Legally a Malek :-)

Yup, that's right, I have updated all my info (well, except my passport...but that one can wait)!

Instead of unpacking Wednesday morning, I decided to update my SS and DL.  ;-)  I went to the Georgetown offices, since those are usually less busy.  I only had to wait 40 mins at the SS office and 30 mins at the DL office.  Not bad!  I should receive them in the mail in about 2 weeks. 

This morning was spent updating all my accounts, credit cards, work, websites, etc with my new name and address.  Surprisingly it went very smoothly.  8)

We've moved!

Woohoo!  We are finally in the new house.  :-D  After almost a 2 week delay, we closed on both houses on Tuesday and had to moved the same day!  It was exhausting, but we got it all done.

Our day started at 7am with last min packing, we closed on the Ranier home at 11am, then Malek let the movers in at noon while I did a last walk-thru of the new home.  Then it was back to the Title Co at 12:30pm, and signing was finally completed around 2:15pm.  Whew!  After that we went back to the old house to finish packing up everything and instructing the movers.  They finally finished unloading at the new house at 12:15am, had to make 2 trips between houses!!  We hit the sack around 1am.

We took Wed off work as well to do some unpacking.  It's going to take a while to get the house in order.  At the moment the kitchen is in complete disarray.  I absolutely hate packing/unpacking a kitchen...I have no clue where to put anything!

Last night we stopped unpacking around 9pm to celebrate our new house.  With a bottle of champagne and a cake, we toasted to our new life and home!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Wedding photos have arrived!

Check out pictures from our wedding photographer!

When you get to the end there’s another link to click for all of the pictures.
Password is my maiden name.  :-)
Then click ‘continue’ to view all pictures

Our wedding turned out beautifully, so happy with everything.  The venue was gorgeous, the food was great, everyone said the cake was exceptional, and the weather was perfect!  Plus Randy took some amazing pictures of our special day!

33rd Annual Statesman Capitol 10,000

At the last minute I decided to run the race.  I hadn't planned on running due to moving, but that got pushed back.  So I signed up without having run for a month and no training.  Not to mention the wedding and the honeymoon was right before the race...nothing like eating unlimited amounts of food and drinking alcohol for over a week to prepare for a race.  Because I signed up so late I missed registration for the Timed run, no chip for me this year, have to time myself.

The weather was actually perfect for a run, 60 degrees, overcast, slight mist.  Amanda, Jenn, Billy and I all carpooled together to the race.  I stayed with Mills for the first 2 miles, then Jenn the next 2 miles.  But after I hit the mile 4 marker, I suddenly felt drained!  I was doing so well too. :-(  Oh well, so my last 2 miles were not so great.  I did run the entire time, just had no motivation to push myself harder those last 2 miles.  I finished in 1:03:37, which averages out to 10:15 min/miles.  That's actually 20 seconds faster than last year.  Not much of an improvement, but I also didn't train so not surprised about my time, at least I'm consistent.  :-P  Jenn tells me the course was actually 6.3 miles...which would come out to 10:05 min/miles.  Not too bad since I was hoping to average at 10 min/miles.

Cap10K 4/11/2010


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Random stuff

#70 - Buy a sewing machine.  My mom brought me down on of her sewing machines the week of the wedding.  Now I don't have to go and buy one!  However, I do have to learn house to use it....  :-(

#15 - home cooked meals.  I don't think we'll be doing much cooking in the next month.  With packing and moving we don't have access to much besides a microwave and paper plates.  Not to mention we have tons of left over food from the wedding, enough to probably last us a month!

#24 - Run a 5 miler.  Well, I'm actually running the Cap 10K this Sunday, which is 6.2 miles (I haven't run in a month, so this should be interesting).  I wanted to run an actual 5 miler, but I think running over 6 miles will cover it.  :-)  Most 5 milers are around Thanksgiving, and I'm always traveling at that time.

New life full of changes

There are a lot of changing going on in my life this year.  Apparently this is the year I'm taking on EVERYTHING!  Bring it on 2010!

  • Planned a wedding and got married (3/27/2010)

  • Honeymoon!!!!

  • Selling my house

  • Buying a new home (which has a crape myrtle #6!!!)

  • New job at work (#75)

  • New car - minivan!

In January, Malek and I decided we needed to look for a bigger house.  Since we were getting married and combining families and hoping to expand...we definitely needed a larger home.  We listed my house in February, and it was only on the market about a month before getting an offer!  It worked out well because right at that same time we found a house we fell in love with that was almost finished being built.  Once we had the offer on my house, we put an offer in on the Gehan home.  We are scheduled to close on both houses in April.  The new house is GREAT!  2 stories, 2875 sqft, HUGE lot with 4 bdrms, a game room, study, dining room and covered back patio.  Our plan is to stay in this house for the next 15-20yrs...maybe even for the rest of our lives.  :-)  I loath packing and moving and hope we won't have to do it again after this move.

Our wedding was in March, which I talked about in previous blogs.  Everything turned out beautifully, I couldn't have asked for more.  Perfect day, perfect weather, perfect family.  And the honeymoon in Mazatlan was great!  Even came back with a tan despite wearing 30 spf everyday. 

Also in January I decided to interview for a new position at work, which would be the next level up/promo. I interviewed with a panel of 3 people and went up against 8-10 people for the role.  I had no clue if I was a sure candidate or not, the competition was tough.  I received wonderful feedback after my interviews, apparently I blew them all away!  All my prep work had paid off (Thanks Jenn & mom for the tips!)...but they still didn't know who they were going to choose, I just knew I was in the top picks.  Finally almost 2 months later they made their decision, and I GOT THE JOB!  I was thrilled, happy, name it I felt it.  I had been in the same role for almost 4 years and was ready for a change and challenge.  I finally earned it!  I started my new job when I returned from the honeymoon.  This is my first week in my new role.  :-D

Another change this year is the new car I'm getting through my dad at VW.  Yup, that's right, a minivan!  I am getting the Routan.  My friends think this is does my husband.  I was supposed to get a Tiguan but that fell through, and since we are taking a family road trip to MI in June to go camping with my mom and dad...the Routan seemed like a good fit.  We needed the room...and the DVD player for the kids on long trips.  I guess this will be good practice for later ;-)

Fabulous Honeymoon!!

Ah the honeymoon, so glad we had a short flight to our destination - Mazatlan MX!  As soon as we were off the plane we had a margarita in our hands.  The trip from the airport was only 30 mins as well.  So by 9:30am we were at our all-inclusive resort, the Riu.  Since we couldn't check in until 3pm, we changed into our swimsuits, left the luggage at the counter, and hit the beach. 

The resort was so clean and well-maintained (they've only been open maybe a year).  And the beach was gorgeous!  We headed straight to the swim up bar and settled right in.  Wow, I forgot how quickly drinking in the sun can get to you.  By the time we could check in we were three sheets to the wind and ended up 'taking a nap' as soon as we made it to the room.  :-P  We were still feeling the effects of 'the sun' after our nap as we headed back out for dinner.  It was a good day.

On our 2nd day, we each received a free 50 min massage at a neighboring resort (#73 on my list!).  That was sooooo worth it!  Their spa was awesome and we were able to take advantage of the hot tub, cold baths, sauna and showers while we were there.  A great way to start our vacation after all that wedding planning.  ;-)  The rest of the day was spent lounging on the beach and dinner at the Steak restaurant. 

We also received a free tequila tour which we did on our 3rd day.  It was interesting to see how they make tequila and we each were able to try some cooked agave (which is actually really sweet) as well as some free shots.  I must say after shot #2 you really don't taste the tequila anymore....and by shot #4..... 
We followed up the tequila with an authentic lunch of chicken enchiladas with mole sauce, fantastic!  We also visited a local church before returning to the resort.  Then it was back to the beach followed by dinner at the Asian restaurant.

On our 4th day we did a booze cruise.  Oh yeah...that was a good day.  Free drinks on our catamaran as we headed to our 'private' island...followed by banana boat rides, canoeing, sand volley and yet more free drinks.  They also provided lunch...which I know I ate but can't remember what it was for the life of me.  Things were pretty fuzzy for me by then.  ;-)  So glad my hubby was watching out for me...I don't even remember leaving, though apparently I heard I was a lot of fun on the catamaran ride home.  One minute I'm on the beach, the next I'm waking up from a nap in our room, just in time to get ready for our dinner at the Mexican restaurant.  I can't miss the food right?!  Whew!

Our last day in Mazatlan we spent entirely on the beach, starting at 8am!  We played some sand volleyball, soaked up the sun, took a stroll down the coast, enjoyed the drinks and festivities and I even caught up on some reading.  Now it was my turn to take care of Malek.  Needless to say he didn't make it to dinner with me later that evening.      

We were sad to say goodbye to the beach and Mazatlan Saturday morning, however we were both looking forward to getting back home and sleeping in our own bed.  It was a great getaway!  Perfect weather, perfect honeymoon.

Pictures:  Facebook Album

I can use this for #54 as well on my list!

We're Married!

We couldn't have asked for a better weekend to get hitched.   The weather was perfect!!!!  :-D

Pictures:  Facebook album

Friday morning I managed to fit in my last workout before the wedding.  I must say I am VERY happy with The Shred results.  Around 10am we decided to show our family the new home we are buying, followed by lunch at Ixtapa.  Then mom and I headed to our mani/pedi appointment while the men took all the decor, gifts, and bar stuff over to the venue.  Our rehearsal was at 4pm and went smoothly and the venue was beautiful!  We were able to see our table decor and everything...I couldn't believe that our day was almost here. 

We had just enough time to head back to the house and change for the rehearsal dinner at Salt Lick.  I am so glad they built their restaurant in Round Rock, located right behind my house!  I must say everything we did worked out perfectly, all our venues were within a 5 mile radius of each other!  There was a slight wind, so once the sun went down it was a little chilly, but the Salt Lick turned out great.  We had the outside patio under the a big oak tree (which gave the kids a place to run around), and there were lights strung up over the tables.  There was also a live band that night, which made the atmosphere for the event even more lovely. 

The Wedding day had arrived!  Sara showed up around 10am to start our hair and makeup while the guys were out getting ice and running last min errands.  Around lunch I just had to have a my cousin Sarah brought us all back Sonic.  ;-)  After lunch most people went back to the hotel so they could get ready, leaving me some nice down time to relax and watch tv.  Then it was 3pm and off to the venue!  From then on the evening was a blur.  We finished getting ready at the venue, then it was time for pictures, and next thing I knew...I was walking down the aisle!  It was an exceptional day!  The weather was perfect, a nice 75 degrees, all my friends and family were there, the food was great and the cake was excellent!  I LOVED everything!!!  After our sparkler exit we headed to the wine & beer bar at the hotel and partied until 1:30am. 

Surprisingly we were up in time for Brunch the next day.  A BIG thank you goes out to my family for taking care of the brunch.  We had Rudy's breakfast tacos, Round Rock donuts, coffee, mimosas, tea and a nice relaxing time chatting with everyone.  I'm just so glad my family cleaned everything up, Malek and I were exhausted!  And we still had a volleyball game to play that evening and we had to pack for our honeymoon!  We did get it all done, even managed to get to bed by 11pm - we had to be up early Monday morning to catch our 7am flight.  :-)  Bring on the beach!
Wedding photo 3/27/2010    Wedding photo 3/27/2010
Wedding photo 3/27/2010    Wedding photo 3/27/2010