Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Busy busy week

Wow, last week was incredibly busy.  You already know about Wed from the blog below...but I'll recap.

Tues - GNO
Wed - Softball and then Dallas Nite Club
Thurs - HH at Sam's boat...I was out much later than I intended to be, didn't get home till after 10pm!
Fri - Another HH at Sherlock's.  I stayed strong and was only out for about an hour, I wanted to rest at home before heading out to GCS for yet more dancing!  -D  I think I was out until at least 1:30am.  Go me!  I don't know where I get the energy.
Sat - Cleaned house, did laundry and then met up with some friends downtown.  We had a late dinner at Guero's and then over to Botticelli's, they have an outside bar behind the restaurant.  I never would have known it was there!  It was a nice relaxing evening.  I called it quits around 12:30am though, the week had finally caught up to me!  I was exhausted.
Sun - I slept in and then took the dogs to the dog park.  It was beautiful outside!   Tammy came over later that evening to watch a couple DVD's and we ordered pizza.  Couldn't have asked for a better week/end. 

Failure - I didn't make any home meals last week.  However, since I made 2 home meals the week before I think that should count.  ;)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wild Wednesday

#44 - Work out at least 3x's a week [IP] .  I must say I'm doing a stellar job keeping up with this one.  I attend my cardio class every Monday and Wednesday at lunch time.  This Monday our instructor, Brenda, made us all cry and moan.  She made us double up on our weights for lifting and legs are still sore today!  I must say that my legs look great in a skirt because of these classes.  Since joining my co-ed sports team, I have softball games Wednesday nights, so I count this as a work out.  It is a sport and I do run the bases and chase balls.  ;-)  This Wednesday I also went to Dallas Nite Club (after softball mind you) and danced the night away with my girls.  This is a great way to exercise and have fun while doing it!  I was out until 1:30am enjoying a boot-scootin' good time.  -D   Livin' la vida loca and enjoying every minute of it.

Monday, February 18, 2008

#97 - Take dogs to the dog park (3/33)

Sunday was a beautiful day!  I slept in until about 10am and then decided to attend the 11am service at my Church.  After that I grabbed a burger and went back home to change.  It was just too nice out not to enjoy the weather so the dogs and I decided to head out to Emma Long Park for a nice hike.   We even ran through some of the trails, it was exhilarating!  Surprisingly it wasn't even muddy after all the rain on Saturday.  We hiked for 1.5 hrs before calling it a day.  Later I watched a DVD, caught up on some TV shows, filed all my bills/papers for 2007 , started my files for 2008 and even did some WORK work.

Gold stars for me!

Friday, February 15, 2008


#15 - Cook a home meal weekly (13/143).  Tuesday I made Sunday Football Chili.  This dish is so easy, leave it in the crock-pot all day.  Then when you arrive home you have a great smelling dish just waiting for you.  Some shredded cheese on top of the chili, a couple of beers and a movie make for a nice relaxing evening.  That's 2 meals in one week!  I'm on a roll.  :-D

2/13 - Wed night I had another softball game (We play every Wed).  The first game I was completely off and couldn't even hit the ball.  However, the past two games I've had an excellent hitting game.  My field skills could use some work though.  And this last game they put me at 3rd base instead of outfield!!  I did OK, made a few mistakes, and we creamed the other team.  Thank goodness I can hit! 

Red Heart 2/14 - HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!  I spent Thursday night with Monica and Brandy.  After work I hit up HEB for some wine, then stopped at Pluckers to have a drink with Niko and Mike.  They bought me two shots and two beers!  How sweet of them.  -)  I had to leave around 6:30 to get home since the girls were coming over around 7pm.  Boy was I already feeling good!  The girls arrived and we had the chili that I had made on Tues (there is still a lot left over), cheese (because we LOVE cheese), and a couple bottles of red wine.  Let me tell you, I was feeling REALLY good.   ;-)  We also made some cookie dough to eat!  Then we had a LOST marathon and watched the 3 new episodes from this season...too bad I don't remember the new one from last night, I'll have to re-watch it.  It was an interesting and fun night.  There was only one small disaster, I forgot about a bottle of wine I had put in the freezer to get cold and it kinda exploded.    So we spent about 15 mins cleaning that up, at least it was frozen!  I'm sure it would have been funny to watch us clean while inebriated.  We hung out until midnight before calling it a night.  It was a great night with the girls!

Monday, February 11, 2008

#33 - Fire a gun at a shooting range and #15 - Home cooked meal (12/143)

#33 - This weekend I had my first real gun-shooting experience!  I did try paintball back in Nov 2007 and once in HS I shot a BB gun and managed to hit my target (I really have no clue how I hit the can hanging from the tree...I couldn't hold the gun steady!).  D  So Sunday after a movie with the girls I headed out to Red's Indoor Range with Doug.  There was no way I was going there by myself and I needed a teacher.  ;-)   As I emerged from the car the first thing I heard were gun shots.  Many people have told me it's loud at a shooting range so I was somewhat prepared.  We get inside, I sign my life away and next thing I  know I'm staring at my target.  A thin piece of paper that I'm supposed to hit!?!  It's a little hard to hear Doug explain to me the 9mm (a Ruger P89, 9mm, 115 grain ballistic point) through the ear muffs but I watch as he loads it and shows me how to hold the gun.  Now it's my turn...I almost say "I need to practice first" when I realized that was what I was there to do!  Silly girl.  So I take my Charlie's Angels stance, aim, breathe....breathe...and FIRE!  Geez!  I knew the gun would kick but I wasn't prepared for it.  At least I hit my target.  I fired off a few more rounds, Doug was nice enough to load the gun for me since I was still taking it all in and extremely nervous...I was even sweating a little (and when I say a little I mean a lot!).  All in all I think I did pretty good.  Apparently I had mostly kill shots.  GO ME!

After the 9mm we move over to a 243 rifle (a Remington 243, 100 grain hollow point with a Leupold 3x9 scope).  We walk through how to handle the rifle, stance, etc and I'm up again.  This time the target is further out and I'm using a scope.  I have the butt of the rifle up against my shoulder as instructed and FIRE!  Good grief!  I think after every shot I took I managed to have some exclamation:  Geez, good grief, oh my, sh*t, etc.  I think I took about 8-10 shots before calling it a day.  I managed to hit the target every time, even got a few dead center.  

Woooo.....I'm hard core.  D  God bless Texas.

#15 - After the gun range I came home and made broccoli cheese soup and had a salad.  Then I kicked back, watched some TV and enjoyed a few Girl Scout Cookies.

hand gun target    rifle target

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

#15 - Cook a home meal weekly (11/143)

On Superbowl Sunday I decided that I needed to go grocery shopping and made a huge list.  Lately my fridge has looked like that of a bachelors....EMPTY!   I planned out 5 different meals for the week...maybe I'm being a little overzealous...but I was in a cooking mood.  D  After 1.5 hours at the store I finally was able to check out of HEB and head home and unpack.  It's so nice to open the fridge and see fresh food, fruit, milk, etc just ready and waiting to be devoured. 

Tuesday night I made meatloaf and mashed potatoes along with salad & tomatoes and fresh bread.  I also opened a bottle of Riesling to complete the meal.   There's just something about comfort food that's.....comforting.  ;-)

Next up....either Sunday Football Chili or Broccoli and Cheese soup (from scratch).

I've been tagged!

Monica has tagged me!

Share 6 random things about yourself. And then tag at least 6 other people. Since all my friends have already been tagged I'm skipping that part.

1.   I break out in hives when snow touches my skin...apparently I'm allergic to the cold (last time this happened was when I was a child though...).  Its true!  Ask my mom.

2. Recently a friend clued me in on the fact that I love shoes and am always noticing peoples shoes. I've also been trying to build up my own collection over the past couple of years.

3.  I love to eat herring in wine sauce.  Yummy!

4.  I randomly break out in song and dance moves (yes, I'm unique like that)  ;-)  Ask my cube mates at work about my humming skills.  I've even been caught dancing when there's no music playing (guess the music is in my head).

5. Ever since I was 4yrs old I've had 'timelines' for accomplishing things (when to tie my shoelaces, take off training wheels, etc...).  Though I think I have finally broken this habit and realized that things will happen when they are meant to happen.  You can't force it.

6. I love jumping on trampolines.

Friday, February 1, 2008

#43 - Make new friends outside of my normal circles (IP)

I have a very close group of girlfriends whom I've known forever.  We have always taken the effort to spend time with each other.  Over the past couple years, however, I've made some amazing, interesting and fun new friends.  You never know when you'll run into someone who can make a difference in your life.  People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.  Even though I'm marking this off my list, extending my circle of friends is a daily practice.

Here's a shout out to a few of them!
Jennifer W
Amanda V
Jennifer B
JK & Travis
Keith (who I've known for about 5 yrs or so but wanted to add as well)

#44 & #45 - working out and weight management

Gold stars all around!  I'm doing really well on working out 3x's a week.  In fact this week I kicked it into high gear!  Not to mention I'm below my [private] weight.  Woohoo!  Work it girl! :D

Mon - Cardio step
Wed - Cardio step and softball game
Thurs - Ran 3.1 miles
Fri - Dancing
Sat - Mardi Gras 5K race

#25 - Join a co-ed sports team

A few weeks ago an old co-worker of mine asked me to sub on his softball team since they were short on girls.  I played two games as a sub and was picked up to play on a different team as a regular for next season.  This past Wednesday was the start of the new season.  The team I'm on calls themselves the Dirty Martini's and we're sponsored by Merkaba.  Now the first game I had subbed in I played very well (I had some awesome hits)...the 2nd game I played I pulled my leg muscles and couldn't run and was stuck at for the new season I was determined to stretch and warm up and have some fun!  Unfortunately it was just not my night!    I struck out 2 or 3 times (very embarrassing) and misjudged a ball hit to right field, but at least I didn't pull any muscles.  I think before the next game I should visit the batting cages and practice.  Apparently I wasn't the only one having issues with the pitcher, guess it was a bad night for everyone.  Perhaps softball is not my sport and I should stick with volleyball.  :-P

#15 - Cook at least one home meal(s) a week (10/143)

This past Tuesday I decided to have a GNI (girls night in) at my new home.  As hostess I prepared the main entree, cheesy jambalaya!  It's a healthy meal to boot.  D  The girls arrived around 6:30pm and I gave everyone a tour of the house.  The great thing about GNI is that everyone contributes!  Amanda brought bread, Jenn brought a tomato mozzarella and basil appetizer as well as salad, Jenn B brought a chickpea salad and Brandy, Charlotte and Renee brought the desserts.  What a wonderful spread of delicious foods and a variety of wines to savor.  It was a fun evening and the company was excellent.  We'll have to do it again!  Maybe I can turn this into #103 on my list.

Brandy and the jambalaya img_3055 img_3057